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Real Life Solutions - helping to make your family life healthier and fun

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      Work at Home Ideas

      Your resource for articles and information on work at home ideas, direct selling opportunities and earning a living at home.

    • Work From Home Extra Income - If you are finding yourself in a pinch each month, you may want to have a work from home extra income coming into the household.

    • Learn Affiliate Marketing - So you've signed up for affiliate programs, posted links around the net but you're still only making pocket change? Wonder what others are doing that you aren't?

    • How To Achieve Work Life Balance - Learn how you can you juggle your family’s needs, your business needs and find some time for your needs without being a super hero!


    • Everybody's Doing It: Starting a Home Business - Life is too short to spend it toiling away at something you don't enjoy. Sometimes you need to figure out what your alternatives are. You owe it to yourself to do it!

    • Why Moms Should Start a Home Based Business Today - Some compelling reasons why you should start a home based business, and do so today.

    • Should You Telework/Telecommute - "WOW! I can work from home and make money? I can sit around in my PJ's and work whenever I want? How great, I want to be a Teleworker!"

    • The Truth about Making Money Online - Making money from the internet is a reality. Learn some of the strategies that will start you on your way to earning income.
    • Home Business Ideas for Writers - A good writer has a number of different ways to create a home business based on their talents.
    • Choosing A Direct Sales Company - Some Tips on how to chose the right Direct Sales Company.
    • Affiliate Programs - Points To Consider Before You Join One - Learn about affiliate programs, how they pay, which ones to join and what to look out for.

    • Additional Resources

      The Power of a Focused Business - A powerful one hour audio message - plus an additional Question & Answer session where Business Expert, Kelley McCausey respons to some of the most common questions asked about having a focused business.

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