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The Benefit Of A Positive Attitude

It's your choice

  "The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose."- J. Martin Kohe

Before you succeed in anything, you have to give it a try. Do you ever notice that the word triumph begins with the word "try"? So, if you wish to triumph - you have to CHOOSE to "try".

There is a big difference between people who believe that they will succeed and those who have no belief in themselves. The big difference is ATTITUDE!

Sometimes, people cannot accomplish anything positive because they let circumstances control their attitude.

There are two kinds of wahms ...

(1) those who control their attitude - we will call her "Positive Patty" and

(2)those who allow their attitude to control them - we will call her "Negative Nellie". Which wahm are you?

Positive Patty is successful and she knows that she has the power to choose her attitude. She knows that even if she cannot control her circumstances, she can still control how she responds to them. When life hits her hard, she views setbacks as temporary interruptions caused by circumstances beyond her control. When she is faced will a challenge, she focuses on a solution and not the problem.

Negative Nellie is controlled by her attitude. She does not realize that she has the power and the ability to overcome difficulty. She tends to exaggerate the size of her problem. She refuses to even try to find a solution to her problem. She sees challenging times as a punishment for something she has done in the past. She sees good times as a set-up for bad things to come.

In the course of our lives, we make choices consciously and unconsciously. Yet, we forget that we have choices. Sometimes, we choose not to make a choice at all - without realizing that it is the worst decision we can make. Not doing anything about a situation does not make things go away. It is important that we chose the right attitude. The outcome of our lives is determined by the choices we make daily. You can control your destiny by the choices you make. Obstacles will always be there - you just have to choose to see them as a situation to overcome. Choice is the starting point to everything that we do in life. With whatever choice we make, the important thing to remember is that it's not what happens to you that matters, but how you choose to respond.

Rid yourself of negative attitude - clear your mind of negative thoughts - replace them with more hopeful messages. Watch what you say to yourself. The loudest voice you will hear is your own voice. It can be to your advantage or the opposite depending on the kind of thoughts that you allow in your mind. Positive thoughts equals positive attitude. Control your thoughts to maintain a positive attitude. When faced with a situation, set a positive tone and you may have a positive outcome. Positive attitude equals Success.


About the Author

Marie Ynami is a work at home mom of 3 from California. She runs a few mom friendly sites. Her main site is - an online resources site for the busy mom. Feel free to use this article in your newsletter or website provided that you include this information with the article. Learn more about Marie by visiting:

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