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      Yoga During Pregnancy

      Learn the many ways that yoga during pregnancy can be greta for your health.


      Yoga During Pregnancy

      If you are pregnant and concerned about maintaining good health, there are several options available for you. Yoga during pregnancy is a popular form of exercise for many women. Here are some reasons why:

      Yoga during pregnancy can reduce nausea – Many pregnant women experience weeks, if not months of morning sickness. Yoga helps reduce your nausea and can drastically reduce the terrible stretch of morning sickness.

      Yoga relieves stress – Yoga is most commonly known as a way to help a person stay centered and relieve stress. This is especially important during pregnancy when both mom and baby should remain stress free at all times.

      Yoga relieves fluid retention – Pregnancy causes many women’s hands, feet and face to swell. Practicing yoga during your pregnancy can help to relieve some of that fluid build-up that you experience.

      Yoga relieves tension –Some pregnant women experience a great amount of stress. This stress leads to great amounts of tension in your body, particularly in your muscles such as your back and neck. Yoga can help relieve this stress-induced tension and keep you calm.

      Yoga stimulates your power of focus – Not only can yoga be a great stress and tension reliever, but it can also help you to get your mind focused. When you are calm, you are better able to focus on the actual birth process. Yoga can enable a faster and much less taxing labor.

      Yoga facilitates flexibility – Flexibility plays a large role in the birth process. Yoga enables you to remain flexible during pregnancy, which will help your muscles to be prepared for the birthing process when you go into labor and can help your body recover from the birth.

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