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Time Management Techniques  

Incorporating some basic time management techniques into your day will save you time, frustration and money.

  Have you ever felt like someone just pressed the Fast-forward button on your day and before you know it the day is over and you are sitting there wondering what you've accomplished? This is where good time management techniques come into play.

If you’ve ever been to New York, specifically walked the streets of Manhattan, you will immediately notice everyone is rushing around, seemingly clueless as to where they are going. Typical of major cities, visitors always ask, “Where is everyone running to?” Actually, the question should be, “Why is everyone in such a hurry?” It’s all about time. She’s late for lunch; he’s going to miss the train or bus home; we’ll be late for dinner. No one ever stops to think about the amount of time wasted worrying about it. The realization that proper planning is the key to saving time has somehow eluded us. It’s important, then, to discuss time management techniques to effectively yield positive results.
Preparation: Make a daily list of things to do, appointments to keep, and so on.
Let’s explore ways of coping with stress that are both healthy and effective.


Don’t Be Late - If you have an appointment, leave an hour earlier. Together with traffic delays and phone call interruptions, you’ll have plenty of time to arrive at your destination.

First on the List - When making a list of things to do, begin with the most important item first. Then prioritize the rest as you complete your list.

Throw Perfectionism out the Window - If you have an important engagement, wedding or other function to attend; don’t waste so much time over the minor things which will cause you to be late. You know the old saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” It happens to be true. Conversely, if you expect company for the holidays, don’t freak out because your kitchen floor isn’t spotless. No one cares but you. Friends are coming to your home to see you, not the floor.

Don’t Procrastinate - If you’ve started a home project, but you have to pick up a friend at a certain time; drop what you are doing and go. If that doesn’t work, have your friend call you every 15 minutes until you’ve left the house.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say, “Sorry, I Can’t.” - Perhaps you are working on a project at work, and you must leave on time to pick up your children this particular day. Your boss asks if you can stay an extra hour. You feel torn about saying no for fear you may upset your boss. Stop! You are a hard worker; you’re very efficient, and you’ve always been there when your boss needed you. It’s time to think of you. Simply say, “Sorry, I can’t today.”

Incorporating some time management techniques is important. It is a basic and important component in how we conduct our business; our lives, and even our free time. It should not be wasted nor squandered; but used for preparing our daily routines; our work habits; and our family responsibilities.

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