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Stress And Money

Stress is a natural part of life and below you will find some very helpful stress management tips to help you keep stress at bay


Money can be a cause of stress for anyone.  Single moms or stay at home moms may stress more about money because they are the only provider or not actively employed to help with bills.  If money is a stressor for you, here are some helpful tips to combat it.

Lack of money is the biggest money concern.  The bills are due and the bank balance wonít cover it and leave money for food, daycare, and the like.  Thinking about the possibility of the problem repeating itself next month lends additional stress to the equation.

Before you do anything else, sit down and look at your expenses.  Every family has hidden expenses that can be eliminated to save a bit of money. 

When I am running behind in my schedule, I grab takeout food for the family even when I planned to cook.  If Iím tired, this is the solution.  I have joined gyms before and ended up not ever going because my schedule became too hectic.

These and other things are expenses that can be done away with.  Takeout food adds up over the course of a month.  That same money could have been used for a trip to the grocery store which would have provided meals for more than one night.

Monthly bills for impulse purchases are a financial sinkhole.  A couple I know decided that if they didnít have the cash on hand to pay for something they would not buy it.  Credit card interest rates were eating them alive each month.  They did keep a credit card handy for emergencies but that was it.

A good rule of thumb is to sleep on it before making a purchase.  This seems inconvenient but it could save money.  If you feel the same tomorrow, then buy it.  Some people wake up the next morning and rethink the decision to buy.  Right there youíve saved some dough.

A family budget can put a stop to excess spending.  Take a look at the income for all parties.  Subtract the monthly bills like utilities, car payments, insurance, mortgage, and childcare.  Whatever is left can be put into line items such as groceries, medical, car repairs, and miscellaneous.  Itís okay to eat out if it wonít wreck the rest of the budget. 

Another way to relieve the money burden is to start a home business. I found that, by taking control of my own destiny, I could stop putting all the stress and responsibility on my husband. This helped us bring in some much needed income, and it removed all the weight from his shoulders.

Work at home moms can avoid money stress through organization.  Keep clear and concise records for tax purposes.  Send out invoices at the same time each month.  Perform contracted work for clients that have paid in advance to avoid payment issues later on.

These are just a few tips to keep money from becoming a stressor in your life.  Setting a plan and sticking to it is the best way to foil money problems.

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