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Personal Solutions: Staying Motivated

Hey you! Pull yourself out of that Rut!

By Aurelia Williams

  Rut (noun): boring situation: a routine procedure, situation, or way of life that has become uninteresting and tiresome

Get your hiking boots out because we are going climbing. Yes, we are going to climb out of our RUTS! Don't laugh; just sit back, read, and soak this all in.

We all have things that we do out of sheer comfort, routine or habit that we know we should stop doing.

Breaking the habits, traits and ways of life that hold us back or keep us stuck can be done with perseverance, practice and a slight change of pace.

If you are stuck in a rut, start by taking a good look around you to examine the behaviors and mindsets you need to change. Next, commit to taking the necessary steps to get out of that rut and start living a more tranquil and liberated life.

Here are a few action steps for you to incorporate into your life.

1 - Do something differently: With all of the things that you do daily, I am sure that most of it becomes the norm and seems to run on autopilot. Start incorporating one or two small changes into your day; perhaps it's something new at dinnertime, a switch in our lunch routine, or a scenic route to the grocery store. Don't worry about what the changes are or whether they are right or wrong. By stepping out of your routine, you are in a position to see things differently and to experience different results.

2 - Add the Three F's to your day: Fun, Fulfillment and Freedom! By adding the Three F's to your day, you will become more empowered in your life. The feelings of having fun, being fulfilled, and enjoying freedom are powerful and can help you maximize your current position in life, move ahead, and become more alive.

3 - Identify your obstacles: Ask yourself, "What obstacles are blocking me from moving forward?" Are the obstacles of your own making? Are there any external obstacles? Identify the factors over which you have no control and put them aside. Focus your energy and attention on the factors that you can control and make a point to address them. Too often, we are caught up in fighting issues that we simply have no power over and this can lead to feelings of discouragement, depression and frustration. Put your energy into what can be changed, and you will be encouraged and rejuvenated by the progress you will then be able to make!


About the Author

Aurelia Williams is a Personal Life Coach and the owner of Real Life Solutions, which is an informational site that also offers products, articles and a great newsletter. You can also hear Aurelia daily on the WAHM Talk Radio show, she is the Resident Life Coach.

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