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Spring Cleaning



Spring cleaning is a traditional ritual of setting the springtime season off to a good start by removing clutter from the house.  Here are some easy spring cleaning tips for you. 

Although it may not seem like it, soon it will be time for your annual spring cleaning. With this deep freeze covering most of our country, spring may be more than a welcome respite from the ice and freezing temperatures weíve had to endure. Well then, letís get to it: Itís Time to Spring clean!

By now, your windows are probably frozen shut. Think of how wonderful you will feel to be able to open the windows and let in the fresh air! Ah, but before you do, you will need to wash your windows. But first you have to get in the mood, right? Okay, then. Grab your favorite 50ís CD, or how about a Barry White CD? Do you feel the beat? You will be surprised how the music will put you in the cleaning mode.


After youíve washed the windows, itĎs time to take down the drapes and dust those blinds. Are you in the groove? Okay, now take out your spring curtains; iron and put them up. Youíre doing great! Now head on in to the kitchen and clean those shelves. If youíre really moving to the beat, you can wash and re-line them. Well done!

Now the exercise portion of this task is about to begin. Take out your vacuum. Put on the CD from Saturday Night Fever and walk the walk as you vacuum your home. Tony Manero has nothing on you! After lunch, the bathroom is next. Oh, you are half way home. Dusting and polishing is next on the agenda. Do some knee bends as you clean and polish the coffee table.

The big finish is next! With the Hustle playing in the background, your kidsí rooms need tidying up. As you exercise your way through their rooms, picking up toys; you are done! Dance your way back to the kitchen and have a cup of iced tea. You deserve it. Spring cleaning never felt so good!

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