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Self Doubt

Do you ever suffer from Self doubt?

Self doubt and a lack of motivation are the cause of personal failure in the lives of millions of people. However there are easy to apply techniques that will help you break out of this negative state of mind. Another cause of inner discontent is not living up to your true potential. This can lead to anger and depression. Do you put off making important decisions or taking action when you know you should? This is another symptom of your inner discontent. Do not despair, there are lots of things you can do to improve your life and your happiness and the first step is an important one and that is in recognizing that you have this problem. The simple fact is you canít cure a problem until are aware you have one. Overcoming procrastination and building a positive self-image is not impossible.

It is often your fear of failure or even your fear of success can be the cause of a lack of energy and lead to procrastination. People who procrastinate become frustrated and generally accomplish nothing. Here are some very practical steps you can take that will lead you to personal success and keep you motivated.

Change this negative behavior by first identifying the things that cause you to procrastinate in the first place. Feelings of fear, rejection, and unworthiness take a real toll on your self-esteem. Taking steps to improve your self-esteem will make a huge difference in your energy level and will motivate you to make other positive changes in your life.

Two things motivate human beings: pleasure and pain. Make a list of the things you would like to accomplish and how you will reward yourself when you do reach your goals. When you are making your list, be sure to include the consequences you will suffer by procrastinating. Do this like a balance sheet, with the Good things that will result from your positive action on one side and the bad effects resulting from your lack of action on the other.

Keeping the reward in mind will make it easier to stay motivated. Overcoming irrational fears and phobias are crucial to your self-esteem and energy level. The act of procrastinating itself creates self-esteem issues. Guilt, stress, and anxiety are results of low self-esteem and lack of motivation.

Procrastination is a habitual behavior. You can break the cycle of self doubt and procrastination if you make the decision to do so. Keep a list of the things you need to accomplish, both long and short-term goals, and reward yourself for each thing you cross off your list. It is not easy to break old habits, but it can be done, it is said it only takes 20 days to break an old habit and create a new one to replace it. Soon you will find that the new behavior is habitual or second nature.

Keep in mind that your emotional health is closely related to your physical health. A sensible diet and exercise will do wonders for your self-image.

You will find that when you make an effort to change your negative behavior you will have more energy and your self-esteem will soar. Procrastination will no longer control your life and you will be motivated to accomplish your goals. As I said at the beginning, you can change your self-image and become a highly motivated individual if you take the time to find out why you lack motivation and take these steps to improve your self-esteem.

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