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Personal Solutions: Staying Motivated

The Power of Self-Confidence

By Anna White

  Is there any quality so attractive, so appealing, so admirable as self-confidence? Individuals with this characteristic seem to exude a sort of aura that draws others to them. They are powerful, strong, enthusiastic and enjoyable to be around.

But for every person with impressive self-confidence, there are at least a few more who suffer from a lack of that very quality. Are you one of them?

Low self-confidence is not something you have to live with. Confidence is a learned trait, not something we are both with. It’s not like the color of our eyes or the height of our bodies. It is something that can be impacted and influenced beneficially, creating a stronger sense of self-worth and a higher overall quality of life.

Self-confidence gives you the ability to carry out your daily tasks with a renewed vigor and certainty. Rather than just wading through life with a feeling of hesitancy or shyness, you blossom and open yourself up to new experiences and enjoyable activities. You actually create your own luck by being the kind of person who craves adventure, calculated risk, and the promise of great rewards.

Like many behaviors, projecting self-confidence is something that grows into a pattern over time. Even if you start out feeling uncertain and hesitant, simply give the impression that you really are pumped full of confidence. For the time being you will fool others into thinking that you are as assertive and ambitious as you seem, and in time you will “trick” yourself into believing it, too.

You may also want to start by visualizing yourself as a more self-confident individual. Imagine the way you will walk, talk and think when you have raised your self-confidence to a high level. Focus on that picture and with time it will become a reality!

Self-confidence is a funny thing. The more you feel it, the more it thrives and grows. A seedling of confidence will blossom over time into a healthy plant! So the key is to start off with at least some small task that you can accomplish and feel good about. Set a concrete goal for yourself that you know you will be able to obtain. It doesn’t matter how seemingly insignificant it is—the point is simply to suffuse yourself with that feeling of achievement, so that you can experience it and start to grow it into something larger and more all-encompassing.


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