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How To Organize Your Bedroom


Get Organized -- How To Organize Your Bedroom
  Organizing a bedroom is crucial to your mental state. You will feel more calm and relaxed in a clean, neat, orderly room. At night are you barraged with the clothes pile you should really pick up, the mess on the nightstand, and the pile of shoes on the floor? Once you finally force yourself out of bed, are you rushed in the mornings searching for something clean to wear?

Once you organize your bedroom, the results will be felt immediately. You will most likely fall asleep quicker, and you will wake up with a better attitude. Your bedroom should be serene and inviting. Cluttered spaces are neither. You should have nothing but essentials on your nightstand and tops of dressers lamps, tissue, maybe a water carafe, and maybe a remote control for a television.

Lighting in your bedroom should be soft. Most people notice a huge difference between regular 60 watt light bulbs and 25 or 40 watt bulbs. Remember that you are winding down when you are in your bedroom. Harsh lights don't promot a relaxed setting

Use a Hamper

The most important organization tool to have in your bedroom is a hamper. All clothes should be placed in the hamper when they are dirty. Also, make a rule that no clean clothes can enter your bedroom unless they are put away where they belong. This means that you have to make this step a part of every laundry load. Tonight before you go to bed, tackle the chair of clothes that you probably have waiting for you. Put them away and don't let the clothes pile up ever again.

The mound of clothes is horrible for your mental attitude. Just looking at it brings about guilt and a nagging feeling. Actually getting dressed or choosing your clothes from a pile instead of from a neatly folded or hanging selection guarantees that you will have a day that begins with disorganization. Will you really feel confident and in the mood to take on the world?

Organize Your Closets

If you find that your closets and drawers are too full, take some time on a weekend to get rid of some clothes. Stuffed closets and drawers make you less likely to put clean clothes away where they belong. If you don't have a place for your shoes other than the floor outside of your closet, get an organizer or at least make room on the floor of the closet. The calmness you will feel as you look around to see nothing on the floor just might overwhelm you.

Organize Your Books and CD's

If you watch television or listen to music in your bedroom, any movies or CDs should be in their proper cases and neatly stacked like books. Don't get carried away they don't have to be in alphabetical or any other type of order. They just have to be put away where they are neat and accessible. DVDs and CDs flung about gives you guilt that you should pick them up and takes away from a relaxed state.

An invaluable organizing element in bedrooms is an empty basket. Every time you see something in your bedroom that doesn't belong in that room, put it in the basket. Every single night before you get into bed, put the items in the basket away throughout the house. At first it will take some willpower, but once you do it for a couple of weeks, it will become a habit that you just automatically do. This will keep your bedroom from getting cluttered with items from the rest of the house.

Lay Out Your Clothes, Or Not

A lot of people live by the rule that they lay out all of their clothes at night for the next day. I don't lay out the clothes because I prefer to see clean, empty spaces, but I definitely plan what I am going to wear. This includes making sure that everything I will need is clean. In the morning before my shower, I lay out my clothes on a chair. I also neatly fold the pajamas I wore if I'm going to wear them again that night. If they are dirty and need to go into the hamper, I put them there (not on the floor of the bathroom) and take out a clean pair from my dresser and place them on the made bed (you don't have to be able to bounce a quarter just pull up the sheets and comforter). When I come home to see a neat room with a made bed and a pair of pajamas all ready for that night, I feel happy and relaxed, even if it was a hectic day.

What Works Best For You

Bedroom organizing is mostly psychological, so do what works for you. The main goals to remember are function, neatness, and serenity. If you can achieve and maintain a level of organization that makes you more efficient and more relaxed, you will have a perfectly organized bedroom.

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