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      Natural Remedy For Earache

      Given the many side effects to some medicines, many people opt for a natural remedy for earache.


      Natural Remedy for Earache

      Earaches are common among adults and children. They are most likely caused by too much wax forming in the ear, or an infection. In either case there are earache home remedies you can use to alleviate the pain and irritation caused by this common condition.

      An earache is the result of infection in the ear area. The middle of the ear is normally filled with air. But during a cold, fluid or mucus gets accumulated in the middle ear and may get infected by bacteria, which leads to ear pain. Even infections that affect the ear nerves can be a cause for earache. There are quite a number of reasons for the earache to occur, and all the symptoms have to be dealt with promptly. in your quest to find a natural remedy for earache, try the following:

    • Warm some cooking oil and place a few drops into the ear (always check temperature of oil on wrist before applying).
    • Chew gum on an airplane to relieve pressure in the ears.
    • Keep infected ears dry and clean; wipe away any discharge with cotton.
    • Never use Q-tips to remove ear wax.
    • Use a blow dryer, set on low, and hold it about a foot away from the ear.
    • Warm up some baby oil and place a few drops in the ear.
    • For wax build up, place a few drops of mineral oil into the ear. Then use an ear bulb implement to withdraw the wax.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide has also been effective in ridding wax in the ear quite efficiently.
    • Apply a heating pad to your ear

      Try some of the natural remedies above and if there is no relief, the condition may be serious enough to warrant a visit to your doctor. If you find the earache is causing vertigo, see your doctor immediately.

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