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Tips for getting organized


Get Motivated to Get Organized
by Maria Gracia

  You want an organized home. You want an organized office. You want an organized family, schedule and life. But how do you get the inspiration and drive to get started?

1. Create a cheering section. It's no fun if nobody is cheering you on. While you can be your own cheering section, of course, it's always very satisfying when someone else tells you what a great job you're doing.

Find a few people you can count on to cheer you on--a spouse, an aunt, a friend, a dad, etc. Let them know what you're doing and ask them to help you stay motivated along the way.

2. Set a doable goal. When you're setting your organizing goals, be sure you don't set those goals so high that they're out of reach. For instance, rather than making a goal to organize the entire kitchen, make a goal to organize one cabinet. The next day or the next week, make a goal to organize the refrigerator. You get the idea. Goals like these can be more easily reached, and you'll feel a sense of satisfaction with every one you complete.

3. Have a reward waiting for you. Make your goals more palatable to reach by enjoying a reward as soon as you complete each goal. Small rewards like taking a 10 minute nap in the backyard or listening to a few songs on your favorite CD are excellent rewards for mini-goals. If you reach a big goal, give yourself a bigger reward, such as a nice lunch out, or a massage.

4. Turn on the tunes. Music is an excellent motivator. Before, during and after organizing, listen to music that is really energizing.

5. Do something first thing in the morning. Set a 10-minute organizing goal and do it first thing in the morning before you do anything else. For instance, organize a sock drawer, or weed out old cosmetics or iron a few blouses for the week. Starting the day off accomplishing something can set an excellent tone for the remainder of the day.

6. Get a good friend to assist. Invite a good friend over to help you organize--someone who you really enjoy being with and someone who's pretty organized and could give you good advice along the way.

7. Beat the clock. There's nothing like a good game of beat the clock. Set a quick organizing goal like clearing off the top of your desk, or organizing a bathroom shelf, or making the bed. Then, set the timer for a set amount of time and rush like crazy to meet your goal before the timer goes off. If you beat the clock, do something fun like having a cup of tea and reading a chapter of your favorite novel. If you don't beat the clock, set the timer and start again. Reward yourself when your task is accomplished before the buzzer sounds.

8. Do it outside. If the weather is beautiful outside, you can still go outdoors and complete an organizing project. Bring a pile of papers outside with you and weed it out on your patio. Bring a dresser drawer on the deck and go it in the fresh air. Bring your laptop outside with you and organize your computer files.

9. Visualize the end result. Before you start any organizing project, first visualize what you want the end result to be. You may visualize a clutter-free dining room with you and your family sitting around the table enjoying a wonderful meal. Or, you may visualize a tamed-down schedule that allows you to actually take a walk in the park--in the middle of the day!

10. Be perfectly positive. A negative attitude will affect you negatively. Stay positive. Say 'I can' over and over again. Be perfectly positive and you will be well on your way to getting and staying organized.

About the Author

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