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      Morning Sickness Relief

      Here are some helpfup tips on how to provide yourself with some morning sickness relief.


      Morning Sickness Relief

      I still havenít figured out why they call it morning sickness. If you ask me, itís all day every day sickness. For many of us, dealing with the queasiness and nausea of morning sickness is the hardest part about being pregnant. Thankfully there are quite a few easy and natural ways to improve the way you feel without harming your baby. Here are a few of my favorite remedies to give you morning sickness relief.

      Eat small meals spread out through the day. This way your stomach is never quite empty which helps prevent excessive stomach acid. Eating small meals will also keep you from eating too much at once, which can also make you feel sick.

      Drink plenty of water. Carry a cup or a water bottle with you at all times and sip throughout the day. The water is important for the overall health and wellbeing of both you and your baby. It will also dilute any stomach acid, keeping you from getting quite as sick.

      Take your prenatal vitamins right before you go to sleep at night. Mine used to make me really sick, even if I took them with a full meal. Taking them at night, right before I went to bed, allowed me to fall asleep before I started getting sick. Take them with a snack, like a bowl of cereal, or some crackers and cheese.

      Ginger and peppermint will both help with nausea. Carry some ginger snaps, or some candied ginger with you. Nibble on it when you feel the first signs of morning sickness. Carry some peppermint candy or gum with. For bad cases of morning sickness, a cup of peppermint tea always helped me. It may be worth a try.

      Please check with your OBGYN about these tips on morning sickness relief before implementing them.


      Susanne Myers has suffered her share of morning sickness, which prompted her to create a website full of information about and tips to prevent morning sickness. For more information about your pregnancy in general please visit

      Pregnant And In Shape - covers everything you need to know about keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy.

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