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Learn How To Love Yourself

It is not difficult to learn how to love yourself as long as you do not have any limiting and negative messages running through your subconscious mind. These messages that you have going through your mind are messages that have been embedded there since you were a little child. Your thinking is very much influenced by your past, by the words your parents have spoken and by everything you have heard from others as you were growing up.

Every time you have heard something negative like you being no good, not amounting to anything, or even being called stupid or weird affects you until this day. The problem arises because somehow, when you heard these negative thoughts, you believed them to be true even if you did not want to.


To learn how to love yourself you must know that you can easily turn things around to overcome these negative beliefs and replace them with positive and empowering messages instead. Below are some strategies can apply to start in your journey to learning how to love yourself:

1) Pay attention to yourself. Let's compare this to a love affair. When you are in love with someone, you devote a lot of time, attention and affection to the one you love. Why not have a love affair with yourself? Focus on YOU - and treat yourself like royalty. Do the things that make you happy. Call yourself beautiful and smart. Give yourself a hug. Treat yourself to your favorite things. Spend some quality "you" time - you deserve it.

2) Go back in time and explore your beliefs. You may have some negative beliefs holding you back. The easiest way to let these out is by allowing yourself to answer some questions. How did you parents treat you? Has anyone ever embarrassed you or belittled you in front of others? How did your siblings and friends make you feel? Did you ever feel less than others in school? You can write your answers in a journal. The idea is to go back in time and discover when and where these negative thoughts started. Then, once you have narrowed down the negative beliefs and when they started, figure out if these beliefs are still true. Think hard - where they ever true? Is there a way to turn these around into positive ones? Replace the negative beliefs with positive beliefs and continue to focus on being and staying positive. Before you know it, there will be a new and improved you.

3) Play up your good qualities. When your self-esteem is low, you tend to focus on "what is wrong with you" and tend to ignore the positives. Stop the negative talk and replace it with positive self-talk. Praise and encourage yourself when you accomplish something. It can be as simple as saying "Wow, I am proud of myself for not giving up and doing my best. I did a great job." Make positive self-talk a daily habit. You can also start reciting affirmations like "I am an important person. I have lots of wisdom to share. I am beautiful, smart and successful." The more often you recite your affirmation, the easier it will be for you to believe it and start loving yourself more!

Start by practicing any or all of the tips able and start to learn how to love yourself

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