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      Healthy Snack Ideas

      Below you will find numerous healthy snack ideas that are sure to please you and your family.


      Healthy Snack Idea's For You and Your Family

      We all do it, we grab a little snack in-between meals to curb our hunger and keep our energy levels up. And thereís nothing wrong with that. Snacking is actually good for you, as long as you stick with healthy food options. Letís take a look at how you can transform your fridge and pantry into a haven of healthy snacks that will keep you from grabbing chips or cookies when you get hungry in-between meals.

      Get Rid of Temptation

      Start by cleaning all the ďbadĒ snacks out of your kitchen. Toss or give away the cookies, chips and the cheesecake. Get rid of those chicken nuggets and pizza bagels. It will be much easier to choose healthy snacks if there isnít the temptation of high-fat and high-sugar snacks lurking around.

      Foods To Stock Up On

      Now that you are staring at your almost empty pantry and fridge, itís time to talk about what foods you should stock up on.  Here are some healthy snack ideas:

      Fresh Fruits and Veggies
      Whole Wheat Crackers
      Low Fat Cheese and Cheese Sticks
      Fresh Ground Peanut Butter
      Nuts and Almonds
      Soy and Skim Milk
      Whole Wheat Bread
      Whole Wheat Tortillas
      Rice Cakes
      Air Pop Popcorn
      Cottage Cheese
      Corn Chips and Salsa
      Low Sugar Cereal

      Prep These Healthy Snacks

      All this healthy food still wonít do you all that good if you are looking for a healthy snack thatís ready to eat. So here are some easy snacks that you can prepare and store, so they are ready to munch on.

      Cut Up Fruit and Veggies

      You can have all sorts of healthy veggies and even fruit sitting in your fridge, but your family wonít grab it for a snack because it would involve peeling and cutting. Instead they go for a bag of chips or some other ready to eat snack. Make it easy for everyone by cutting up some of the fruit and veggies and keep it in plastic containers ready to eat.

      Trail Mix

      Make your own trail mix from low sugar cereal, nuts and dried fruit. Itís a great snack to just grab and go, or something to munch on while watching TV. Make up a badge of trail mix and store it in an airtight container in your pantry.

      Granola Bars

      Homemade granola bars are a great snack alternative to cookies and cake. Itís sweet and crunchy, but by making your own, you control what ingredients go in there. Use whole grains and dried fruit. Keep the amount of sugar or honey you use on the low end for a healthy treat.

      Cooked Chicken Breast

      Keep some cut up cooked chicken breast in the fridge for a quick protein rich snack. You can make a quick chicken salad by adding a little low-fat mayonnaise and some raisins. Add the chicken to a little lettuce for a quick salad, or wrap it with some fresh veggies and sprouts in a tortilla. Make a quick chicken quesadilla with tortillas and a little cheese.

      All it takes is a little preparation and trying some new foods to get everyone in the family eating healthier snacks.

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