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      Hair Loss In Women

      Today more women than ever are experiencing hair loss -- and the causes may be quite different that what causes hair loss in men
      This article will explain some of the causes of hair loss in women.


      Hair Loss In Women

      While there are a variety of reasons why men lose their hair, there are just as many reasons why women experience hair loss, too. Whether itís due to an inflammatory condition; anemia; chronic illness; certain medications; stress; or a thyroid disorder, losing oneís hair can be a traumatic experience.

      The most common cause of hair loss in women is low thyroid function, which is common among menopausal women. Other causes include, but are not limited to: changes in hormone levels (decrease or increase), increased testosterone, increased stress (physical or emotional), various medications, scalp/dermatological issues and heredity.

      While men lose their hair from the front to the back, women lose hair around the top of the head. Another difference is that men are not only genetically predisposed to lose their hair, but their age becomes a factor well. Conversely, for women the loss of hair can occur at any time, especially if there are medical circumstances involved.

      To avoid hair loss in women, you need to consume a healthy and balanced diet; get enough sleep; and avoid stress. The diet should consist of whole grains, beans, fish, chicken, fruits, and dark leafy vegetables. In addition, avoid products which can harm your hair, such as dyes and chemical treatments. Experts suggest keeping the hair short, and have your hairdresser give you a layered cut.

      Other advice is to limit the amount of times you shampoo your hair; and limit the use of hair dryers and heating products that can damage your hair. Also, and this is something I didnít know, the experts suggest that combing your hair after it is washed can cause breakage, since the hair is more fragile when wet. Good to know! It is also recommended not to braid or use styles that may pull on the hair.

      Using conditioners helps the hair from remaining brittle, and therefore will cause less hair loss. With so many shampoos and conditioners available, select one that has very little chemical components and that is gentle to the hair. Avoid too much sun as it can damage the hair and cause scalp irritation as well.

      Hair loss, in both men and women, can be due to a variety of reasons as state above, however if you take care of your hair, and because we naturally lose hair as we grow older, taking care of your hair now is one more preventative measure to ensure the health of your hair later on.


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