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Real Life Solutions - helping to make your family life healthier and fun

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Personal Finances

Your resource for articles and information on managing your business and personal finances, saving money and living debt free. From Grocery Money Saving Tips to Saving for a College education, you will find many resources for your personal finances here financial resources here. 

  • Frugal Money Saving Tip - The summer heat is here in full force and that means BBQs, swimming pools and higher energy bills as you try to keep your cool. The good news is that if you apply a few common sense ideas and solutions to tackle the heat, that energy bill doesn't have to be near as high as it has been in the past.
  • Save Gas - Reducing the cost of driving your car can be done fairly easy simply by paying a bit more attention to your car. Here are 10 easy ways to cut the amount of gas your car uses.
  • Tips On How To Save Money - The ability to save relates in part to your perceptions of money. If you have learned to appreciate money, you will think abundantly, reward yourself by developing reserves and saving for the future, put your needs before your wants and control your spending on luxury items.  
  • Money Saving Ideas - Here are some great money saving ideas for any family.  
  • What is Debt Management? - To completely control your debt you need to make a budget, reduce expenses and focus on paying debt. Learn how to do this with this article


  • Debt Elimination - If you have fallen into a debt trap, you can take comfort from the fact that you are not the only one. Getting out of debt trap is not impossible either. Read this article for information.

    Teaching Kids About Money - When it comes to teaching kids about money, the sooner the better.  Learn some tips here.

    Establish Your Credit - Learn some clear cut ways to establish your credit.

    New Car Financing - Here are three important steps to take when it comes to saving money on New Car Financing.

    Energy Saving Tips - Here are some Energy saving tips for homeowners.

    Recession Proof Your Income - Several tips on how to recession-proof your income in uncertain economic times.

    Stress & Money - Tips for ways to deal with stress over money.

    Save Money During The Holidays - gather tips on how to save money during the holidays.

    Free Debt Consolidation - Gather your free debt consolidation information here.

    Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas - Gather your affordable Holiday gifts ideas here and save money and stress.

    Living On One Income - Here are some tips for those that are living on one income.

    How To Avoid Bankruptcy - Here are some tips on how to avoid bankruptcy.

    Refinancing Your Home Mortgage Loan - Refinancing your home is a great way to save thousands of dollars over the length of your mortgage loan. Here is an article that can help you.


    Establish Credit - There are many ways to establish credit and to start  building a good credit history. Here is a resource for you.

    Women and Money - learn how to make money work for you instead of the other way around.

    Financially Surviving a Divorce - Even though you may hope that divorce is something you never have to face, itís smart to start planning ahead if youíre being plagued by marital problems.

    Creating a Household Budget - Easy to follow steps to create a household budget.

    Save Money On Groceries - Great tips to help you to begin to save money on groceries. 

    Creating a Family Budget and Sticking to it - Great easy to follow steps on how to stick with a budget.

    Ways To Conserve Water - Learn the many effective ways to conserve water in and around your home.

    Part Time Work - Finding part time work can be a great way to make ends meet and to get ahead financially.

    Paying For College - Are you or your son or daughter heading to college this fall? Are you daunted by the costs and financing decisions? This Article Can Help!

    Financial Aid  - Tips and resources on how to find financial aid for college costs. Help Is Out There for Financing a College Education.  

    Saving Money at the Grocery Store - Looking for ways to cut your grocery bills in half? Take these easy steps to save money on groceries.

    Tips To Save Money - Looking for ways to cut your overall Bills in half this article is for you.

    Visit Real Life Guidance where we offer the most effective, easy to read resources for moms and parents to achieve joy in their lives as they manage work, family and personal aspirations.

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    Living Within Your Means - The Easy Way - Learn Realistic Ways To Find $100, $300, $500 or More a Month In Your Paycheck You Can Use To Pay Your Bills and Quickly Eliminate Your Debt Or For Any Purpose You Choose"

    Budget Living - Discover How to Live on a Budget & Save More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible - Without Giving Up All the Things That You Love!

    Single Parents Cash And Sources Guide - Single Parents! Get the cash you need to relieve financial distress. 82 Page Directory of cash sources for single parents.

    Additional Financial Resources

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