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      How to Chose the Right Home Direct Sales Opportunities

        In this hustle and bustle world of direct sales the goal remains the same. How do I build my business successfully and make enough to achieve what I have set forth to do? Many have a mentor or someone in their company who helps them along by offering training and direction, however who trains the trainer? Most direct sales companies have a training manual and offer "support" at the home office, but is this really working? How many times have you seen an email from someone who has "retired" from one company only to join another.

      How does a person really choose which direct sales company is for them? Is it the product? the company name? the price of the products offered? commission structure? Believe it or not, there is a method to choosing which company is right for you.

      It's the same method that one would take when deciding if a neighborhood is where they want to live or if a certain car is the one they want to drive. It's called taking the time to research the company and talk with others involved. Make informed decisions, don't jump because a consultant does an amazing presentation at an event and you want part of it. That is the role of a good consultant, to make you desire more. Before choosing a direct sales company, here are a few questions to ask yourself and others:

      1. What do I think of the products? Not just the ones I bought today, but the ones I have been using for weeks, months or years? Obviously if you are using the products for months or years than it is probably safe to say you are enjoying the products.

      2. What is the price range of these products? Do I know people (as we always start with selling to those we know) that can and will want to purchase these products?

      3. How often will the products need to be reordered? Will I have returning customers each month because the products are consumable? (make-up, food, cards are examples of consumable products), (jewelry, books, clothing are non-consumables).

      4. What is the discount or commission structure? Do I have minimums or quotas each month? What do I have to do to receive my monthly discount or bonus check?

      5. Is there a yearly renewal fee for my membership? If so, how much?

      6. How can I advertise this business? Many companies are not internet friendly and therefore if you plan to advertise on the internet you may be at a serious disadvantage by not being able to have a website with products on it. However if you are not planning to advertise on the internet, then this issue does not need to be a large concern when making the decision. Ask about use of the company name - can you put a link in your email, sign on your car? Think about what you plan to do and ask if this is something you can do with this particular company.

      7. Talk with other representatives and not only the ones in your local area. Ask friends and family members if they know of the products and if so, what do they know. You may find information that will help you in making a more informed decision.

      8. Ask yourself how much do I want to invest in this business? Even though you are working for yourself, this is still a business and you are the business owner, self promotion is key. There is work involved. You will have to decide how much time you want to spend at events, home parties, expos, marketing your business to others and of course, how comfortable are you on the phone? Telephone skills are very important in direct sales. Following up with customers and potential customers is crucial. Keep in touch with those you have met. Just say hello, a friendly reminder that you are there is sometimes all it takes to receive a new order from someone you may have met at an event. Make sure you are available, answering machines are a must in this day and age. No one likes to call somewhere and receive a busy signal or get no answer. Make sure your customers can reach you.

      9. Check out the local area reps to see what goes on in terms of meetings and updates. Most companies have a policy that once a consultant reaches a certain level in the company they are required to hold meetings to pass on new information to other consultants. Find out what is in your area. Are there 3 other consultants in your area or 30,000? Having too many or too few is not necessarily a positive or negative to base a decision on, but something to give you a guideline of what type of networking environment is available to you.

      10. Most importantly remember that direct sales is not the type of business where you can hang a shingle and say "okay I'm here, come buy from me." This is a very interactive tough type of business to be involved in. Depending on the area and time of year, things will slow down. The main point is that if you are happy with the products you are offering and able to communicate well with others you will succeed. Don't let slow days get you down. Remember to smile on the phone with others, talk about your products and share with everyone. Don't prejudge what the answer is going to be and therefore not talk to someone about what you have to offer. Let them know what you have to share and remind people by the constant use of your products in your home, car, office and wherever else they can be used. Talk it up and your customer base will grow. Most of all - keep a positive mental attitude and remember you can and will succeed!

      About the Author

      Caryn is the owner of She holds a Masters in Counseling and has worked as a therapist prior to becoming a work-for-herself parent.

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