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      Clean Refrigerator


      Here are some tips on how to have a clean refrigerator - quickly
        Youíve decided to clean the refrigerator; youíve put it off long enough! Since you have the time and the patience; letís give you some quick tips on how to have a clean refrigerator in no time! Take everything out of the refrigerator.

    • Throw away outdated cans, jars and plastic bottles.
    • Take out the vegetable bins; wash and dry.
    • Use a sponge or wet cloth to clean the shelving and the inside of the door. You may want to use baking soda as the cleaning agent.
    • Put back whatever items you have left.

    • Put the bins back, and sprinkle a bit of baking soda in each. * Place an opened box of baking soda towards the back top shelf. * Clean the entire refrigerator; top sides and doors and Voila!

      Youíre done! That was easy enough, right? Well thatís because you have been cleaning it religiously every month. Alas, there are some refrigerators which have not been so lucky, and cleaning will require more time.

      To keep your refrigerator clean so that a simple once-over is required, here are some additional tips to follow.

    • Use tin foil under your milk cartons to prevent leaking.
    • Use food containers to store your leftovers.
    • Change the box of baking soda every three months.
    • Keep the temperature at the manufacturerís recommendation.
    • Try not to accumulate more than two items. Check certain items before buying them. Oftentimes, we buy too much of one item, and it just stays in the refrigerator for months on end.
    • Keep your vegetables in zip lock bags to maintain their freshness.
    • Defrost your freezer at least once a month. Donít forget to place a box of baking soda in there as well.

      By following these simple tips, your next cleaning will be easier and faster.

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