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      Brazilian Bikini Wax Facts


      It is important to follow a few basic steps when you prepare for a Brazilian bikini wax. First, of course, you should not get a bikini wax if you are diabetic, suffer from psoriasis or other skin conditions, or if you take Retinol or Accutane. If you are unsure, ask you physician whether you can go ahead with a wax.

      When people prepare for a Brazilian bikini wax, particularly if it is their first time, one big consideration is pain. Aestheticians usually recommend that you not get a wax when you are menstruating or pregnant, as sensitivity to the pubic area is usually increased at this time. Additionally, you may want to take ibuprofen or aspirin an hour before the wax to cut down on pain.  “The Brazilian Wax,” which began in the late 1980s. The bikini waxing facts about this may or may not encourage you to try it. However, it does seem to be the most popular way to remove pubic hair today.

      Professionally done in a salon, you are taken into a private room. Removing your clothing from the waist down, including your underpants, you lie on a table, and are covered with a clean sheet or paper similar to the kind used in a doctor’s office. Due to the fact that the bikini waxing can only be accomplished if the hair is a quarter of an inch in length, the professional may trim the hair to the desired length.

      Next, the salon professional will dip a stick into the hot wax, and apply it to your skin and hair. A cloth strip will be placed over the wax so that it sticks to the hair. When the wax has cooled, she will pull the strip off quickly, and at a 40 degree angle. If there are any stray hairs, she will most likely use tweezers to pull them out, as well.

      In addition, because this is a total waxing method to remove all hairs from the area, she will start from the front and move toward the back. Once completed, lotion will be applied to the entire area. You should also be aware that this may be painful, especially if this is your first time. So too, you may experience ingrown hairs, bumps and redness. However, if the salon professional has been well trained, she will advise what to do to alleviate the pain and redness.

      The procedure takes about fifteen minutes, and could cost anywhere from $8.00 to $25.00, depending upon the chosen salon. Once you begin this method of bikini waxing, you will need to repeat it every three weeks.

      The Brazilian Bikini Wax method isn’t for everyone. You may wish to purchase a bikini wax kit, and use the application in the privacy of your own home. Before you do, however, you should not use certain products such as Retin A, since this tends to leave brown spots on your waxed skin.

      Before you attempt any kind of waxing, know the bikini waxing facts, and research several salons to find someone who has expertise in this area. It is certainly not advisable to use a nail salon professional for this purpose. They are very good at facial hair removal, but that’s the extent of their expertise in this specific area. There are salons that specialize in bikini waxing, and those are the establishments you should check. Perhaps a friend can recommend one to you. Remember, the rule of thumb is to know before you go.

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