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      Black Friday Tips

      Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, when department stores and retailers offer huge sales and deals. Black Friday is  is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and each year many people search for Black Friday tips to make their shopping run smoothly.

      Years ago, before online purchases became the norm it is today, shoppers would prepare for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. This is the one day of the year when most people would find the ultimate bargains for Christmas gifts. To make it a bit easier, here are some Black Friday survival tips for anyone who is preparing to take on this annual challenge.

      On of the best Black Friday Tips is to check your local newspapers the week of Black Friday. They will undoubtedly have pages of ads from department stores delineating upcoming sales. If there are coupons available, clip them out. Read the fine print. Sometimes a sale may be for a few hours on a specific day or one day only.

      Ensure you have your complete Christmas list ready. Check online prices so that you can compare the items you have selected. Keep in mind that even though the store might have a variety of sales, it is most likely the case that some items may not be a bargain at all and you may find these items cheaper online.

      A week before Black Friday, visit the stores where you will most likely shop. Locate the items you have on your list. In this way, you will not waste any time on Black Friday trying to find the specific department that has your item.

      For the last several years, most department stores have extended their hours. Some open at 6am, some at 7am. Plan which stores you will go to first depending upon their opening time. Arrive early and head straight to the department where your item is located. This will save valuable time. Conversely, if morning shopping is inconvenient, most stores stay open as late as midnight. You can easily shop in the late evening as well.

      Stay focused on the items on your list. Try not to wander into different sections of a store to browse, because while you are looking at other items the check-out lines are getting longer and longer.

      You may have seen the long lines outside a store when a popular item is up for sale. There are some department stores and large chains who will allow you to put an item away until Black Friday. It doesn’t hurt to ask. In this way, you can pick up the item anytime on Friday.

      Finally, you have an alternative to shopping at department stores on Black Friday. Check the stores online to determine if they are offering the same sale items listed in the newspaper. If so, buy online. Note, however, this does come with a caveat. If you are purchasing electronics, you may want to visit the store beforehand to ensure it is the item you want. Also, if you have specific clothing sizes on your list, you can easily purchase them online as well. Toy store sales can go either way; so check online first to determine the best selling price.

      While most people love going to stores to shop, there are just as many who find Black Friday too intimidating. Either way, you have options. Even though Black Friday is the “sale day of the year,” it is not the only day. Sales will be on-going until Christmas Eve.

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