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Bedroom Storage


  Here are some easy bedroom storage ideas that anyone can use.

Many people struggle to Create extra space in their bedrooms.  There are a many bedroom storage ideas that you can use to increase the space that you have in your bedroom and create an uncluttered space.

Letís face it; the closet in your bedroom is a mess, you canít find anything and youíre ready to scream! Wait! Before you go off, here are some easy bedroom storage ideas that will keep you happy, organized and sane.

Before you decide to work on your bedroom storage, go to the nearest houseware store and purchase some Rubbermaid clothing boxes; a shoe rack; hooks; and a dozen or more hangers. While there, buy an under the bed storage box as well. Once you get home, you can start to work on creating your bedroom storage.

  • First, take everything out of your closet.
  • Decide what clothes, bags, belts and shoes you want to keep and put the rest in a pile.
  • Take the jumbo boxes and place your bags in one; and your summer or winter tops or sweaters in the other. 
  • Mark the boxes accordingly, and place them on the top shelf of the closet.
  • Hang some hooks on the side of the closet for your belts, and everyday bags.
  • Put the shoe rack on the floor against the back of the wall.
  • Place the shoes on the show rack.
  • Using the new hangers, place the clothes back in the closet.
  • Place everything you are getting rid of into a large plastic garbage bag and call your local church or Goodwill for pickup in the morning.

Depending upon the size of your closet, and the amount of clothing you own, there may have to be some adjustments made. But for right now, you are set to go. Well, not quite yet. Is your bedroom cluttered? Then the next step is to clear up the mess. Discard any old magazines or newspapers. Place all your jewelry back into the jewelry box. Remember that storage box you purchased? You can use it to store excess items spilling out of your dresser drawers. Yes, youíll have to go through them as well.

Once you are finished, you will be exhilarated for having taken on the job! More importantly, you will have more space available than you ever thought possible.

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