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Anxiety Panic Attack

Stress is a normal facet in our lives. We thrive on a little stress because it keeps us focused and enables us to stay mentally alert. Sometimes, though, stress can get out of control and cause us to have anxiety panic attacks.



The anxiety panic attack can come on unnoticed and they can seem like everyday stress-related problems.  If these attacks continue to go untreated, they can become out of control in an unsuspecting person.

In order to recognize the indicators for an anxiety attack, you have to understand the symptoms of stress first.  Each person experiences stress differently, but some of the general symptoms of stress include problems with memory, confusion, difficulty in concentrating and racing thoughts.  

Youíll see some of those symptoms in an anxiety panic attack as well, but youíll notice more of the physical symptoms when an attack is occurring. Some people experience shortness of breath, pounding heart rhythm, trembling or shakiness within the body, stomachaches and hot or cold flashes


When the attack has reached its high point, youíll notice a feeling of being out of control or losing a grip on yourself. Unfortunately, those experiencing anxiety attacks donít always recognize their symptoms as an attack.

It sometimes takes someone else who knows them well to realize that thereís something wrong. Once anxiety panic attacks are suspected in a person, they need to seek out medical attention from a professional who can determine if theyíre anxiety attacks and not another medical-related illness.

When the physician rules out anything medical and determines that they are anxiety attacks, he may start them on some type of medication to help relieve them of some of the symptoms and encourage the patient to seek a counselor.

A counselor will listen to the patientís history and determine what stressing factors could be causing their symptoms.  Once the patient gets a handle on the contributing factors for their anxiety attacks, a treatment plan would then be set up, based on the patientís situation. A counselor can help them work through the stressors and show them ways to alleviate the stress causing their symptoms.

There are many websites devoted to the use of relaxation techniques that reduce symptoms to a more manageable level and breathing exercises to improve oxygen intake, which could help slow down a racing heart rhythm.

When everyday stress escalates, there are many ways to settle the overwhelming feelings of edginess. Getting the proper help is a start to calming the anxious emotions raging within you. Finding out what stressors cause those emotions and learning how to combat them can bring a sense of relief and feelings of comfort to know that there is hope.

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