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Kwanzaa Gift Ideas


Planning your Kwanzaa gifts ideas doesn't have to be stressful. Here is a great resource to help you plan your Kwanzaa celebration.

One of the key components in celebrating Kwanzaa is to recognize one’s heritage, culture and history. To this end, one of the most important gifts you can give a child is a book on African history. This serves to enhance a child’s knowledge on African culture and reinforces the continuity of education as a primary source for every child to understand African values. Along with a book, a symbol of their heritage should also be included. This symbol can be in the form of art, a CD or hand-made beads to invoke a sense of history and tradition.

In keeping with the first fruit theme, one can also prepare homemade cookies which can be presented in a basket and tied with the traditional colors of Kwanzaa – black, red and green.

African dolls are also perfect gift ideas for children. Dressed in African garb, these dolls are yet another symbol of African pride and heritage.

An African basket is another gift idea or a lovely Shona carving made out of soapstone. There are several renditions of these carvings, most of which include a family theme. For example, you can purchase a Shona sculpture signifying a family of four. This is not only quite beautiful, but will act as a constant reminder of the importance of family unity to the child as well.

Articles of clothing would also be perfect gift ideas for children. Accessories such as hats, belts or scarves made in typical African fashion encompassing the colors of Kwanzaa would be appropriate.

Kwanzaa is not only a time of celebration and gift giving to children, but to each other as well. Perhaps you and your children can make a homemade Mkeka, which is the straw mat that holds the seven symbols of Kwanzaa and give it as a gift to a family member.

Another gift idea is to give the seven Kwanzaa candles to complete the Kwanzaa setting for a friend.

The importance of gift giving during the week of Kwanzaa is based on meaning. Therefore, whether a gift is homemade food, straw mats or books on African culture, the idea is to reinforce one’s heritage and to continue the education process that allows children to fully understand the significance of Kwanzaa as a celebration of ancient and historical unity. This will also help children to understand the importance of family, community and pride.

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