Warning Signs Of Suicide


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Warning Signs Of Suicide

Often teens will talk of suicide just to get attention or to get a rise out of their parents, however these comments should never be taken lightly. Many parents have chalked their teens’ comments about ending it all up to a bad mood, only to find out it was a serious cry for help. If your teen exhibits any of these warning signs of suicide, talk to them about how they are feeling, emotionally. If you have any question in your mind that they are considering ending their life, get them help immediately.

There are many warning signs of suicide that all parents, educators and caregivers should be aware of.  It is very important to not sweep things under the rug and try to get to the root of any emotional troubles that you see.

 • Sudden withdrawal from friends and family can be an indicator of suicidal thoughts. Teens will often withdraw from one or the other, but when they suddenly want no emotional connections to anyone, something is usually very wrong.

• A teen getting rid of their possessions is a serious  warning sign of suicide.  It is a red flag for possible suicidal tendencies. If your teen is suddenly handing out his or her most beloved belongings to friends or family members, find out just what is behind their sudden generosity. Their seemingly kind acts could be the beginnings of a tragic outcome.

• If your teen begins to talk about suicide, ending it all, how everyone would be better off without him, or makes similar comments, take them very seriously. Find out why they feel that way and if they won’t talk to you about it, find someone that they will open up to.

• Many teens who are leaning toward suicide become extremely volatile toward others. A teen who used to get along with everyone suddenly seems to have no friends. A sudden change in personality where your teen is lashing out, exhibiting violence, or being extremely rebellious can be an indicator of suicidal thoughts.

• If your child is into art or writing, you may want to take a look at their creations. Writings that are very brooding and artwork that is associated with death or violence could be showing their own struggle with suicidal ideas.

• A sudden disinterest in life is another important warning sign. Many teens who are contemplating suicide will stop taking care of themselves, lose interest in activities they once looked forward to, stop performing well in school or even stop attending school altogether.

• Problems with sleep can also be an indicator of potential suicide. This can go from one extreme to the other. Some teens may sleep constantly to escape whatever problem has them so emotionally disturbed, while others will be unable to sleep due to dwelling on their problems all the time. In either case, talk to your child about the changes in their sleep pattern to see if there is something serious behind it.

• Drug and alcohol abuse is prevalent in teens who commit suicide. They turn to these substances as an escape from their emotional problems and eventually they are not enough. If you have a suspicion that your child is using drugs and alcohol as a means of escape from their issues, get them help quickly, before the problem develops into a situation that you cannot handle.

• If your teen has previously attempted suicide and begins showing signs of depression, seek help immediately. In this case, it is best to not wait for other warning signs, as this teen has already proven that he or she will act on their thoughts, should things become too much for them to deal with.


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