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      Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

      Mother's Day is the perfect day to celebrate our mothers. Finding Unique Mother's day Gift Ideas to give is easier than you may think.  Older children love to come up with creative and unique Mother's Day gift ideas and this is your resource for many wonderful ideas. 

        Whether itís giving a box of candy or a bouquet of flowers, moms everywhere appreciate whatever their kids give them for Motherís Day. Here are Motherís Day ideas for older kids.

      * Take mom out for lunch
      * Buy her favorite CD
      * Give her a box of her favorite chocolates
      * Place one red rose in a vase and present it to her
      * Give her breakfast in bed
      * Prepare the table for dinner
      * Do the laundry

      ** Take her to the park for a picnic lunch
      * Clean the house
      * Bake her a cake or favorite cookies
      * Take her to a movie
      * Buy her favorite bath oil and some candles
      * Make a special card using the computer
      * Offer to do a specific chore for a week
      * Make a huge Happy Motherís Day Sign
      * Buy her a gift certificate to her favorite store
      * Give her a picture of you in a specially decorated frame
      * Make a jewelry box for her using dried flowers
      * Make a bag of potpourri using dried flowers from the garden
      * Put together a scrapbook with her favorite recipes

      You know, moms are special in so many ways. Unselfish, kind, loving, caring; and these are qualities we sometimes take for granted. Mom probably doesnít expect anything for Motherís Day, which is why anything an older kid does for mom would be appreciated beyond belief. All mom wants is love and respect.

      While the kids may not have the money to but some of the items listed above, their ingenuity will see them through. Whatever your kids decide to do to celebrate your special day, know they have thought about it and whether the gift is large or small, it comes from the heart.

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