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Toddler Sleep

We have found some tips for parents on how to get your toddler to sleep through the night.


Toddler Sleep - Getting your toddler to sleep through the night.
New mothers tend to go through the day with one eye open and one eye shut. Sleep becomes a thing of the past and itís hard to remember what it is. Your baby started out sleeping in spurts throughout the night and as they grew their sleeping spurts grew longer and longer until they finally slept through one whole night.

As they grow into toddlers, sleeping through the night is a habit; One that mothers welcome whole heartedly. The question though is; will they stay that way?

The following are some tips to help those mothers ensure their toddlers sleep through the night so they can get their much needed rest as well.

* Try to make sure that your evening is spent winding down from the dayís activities. Toddlers spend their day running, jumping and playing; so their energy level is up. If you can gradually bring them down to a more relaxed mode by their bedtime, sleep will come much easier to them.

* If theyíre too energetic at bedtime, then they may wake up several times in the night. If they do wake up a few times during the night, try some soft lullaby music or just talk to them in a soft voice to let them know youíre still there.

* Limit sugary foods or drinks. We all know that sugary foods cause energy, so why would we want to give them more energy around bedtime? Choose healthier snacks with no sugar in them. Some experts even advise to limit fluids after 7 p.m. Again, too much energy at bedtime doesnít help them get a full nightís sleep.

* Try softness. Read bedtime stories with a soft voice, play soft music and let them cuddle with a soft teddy bear or blanket. Softness can bring relaxation, which enables them to fall asleep easier and keep them asleep throughout the night.

* Keep bedtime routines consistent. Any change in their routine could cause confusion and that could lessen your ability to relax them at bedtime.

* Sometimes toddlers do wake up during the night, but donít go rushing to their side right away. Give them a chance to go back to sleep on their own; If it does become hard for them to go back to sleep, then step in and try to help him with music or your soft voice. It's always better for them to do it on their own if they can, but moms will be there if they need to be.

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