Teen Self Esteem


We have found some tips on teen self esteem that are very useful.  Be sure to also visit parentingmyteen.com a podcast and resource site for Parents of Teens.


Teen Self Esteem and Teen Self Confidence

Many teens suffer through the pain of never feeling good enough. They face pressure to fit into a crowd among their peers. Feelings of inadequacy are the norm for teens, as they are many times unsure of themselves.

Use these tips to help build your teenís confidence:

1. Encourage mental and social growth. Involve your teen in academic clubs and after school activities in which sheís interested. Look at every extracurricular activity as a way for your teen to learn and grow. Nurture your teenís strengths and help her develop expertise in the areas where she is most knowledgeable.

2. Be aware. Teens rarely like to ask for help, even when they need it most. Pay attention to how your teen reacts or ways they respond. If you think your teen needs help but is too afraid or embarrassed to ask for it, offer it to them without question. Be a concerned parent and trust your intuition.

3. Build trust. One of the worst things a parent can do is to interfere and overreact to any given situation with a teenager. Create an open-door policy. Let your teen know that you are always there for them to talk to about anything. Build a path of trust from you to your teen and from your teen to you.

4. Listen with a closed mouth and open heart. If your teen trusts you enough to talk to you about personal matters, feel honored. Be available to listen to your teen; be cautious not to jump to conclusions. Instead, allow your teen the opportunity to speak from their heart. This not only facilitates open communication, but builds trust between you and your teen as well.

Above all, be understanding and forgiving. Everyone makes mistakes. Keep in mind that teen years are difficult at best. Be slow to pass judgment and blame. Give your teen the chance to talk to you, to explain his position. When your teenager is low in spirits or feeling bad about himself, give him an extra boost of confidence.

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