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Stress Management Tips

Stress is a natural part of live but below you will find some very helpful stress management tips to help you keep stress at bay

Stress Management tips For Moms

  Mothers are expected to possess huge hearts, big shoulders, a minimum of 3 hands, all the answers and the list goes on! What many mothers forget is they are not born with super hero powers to handle all of those things at once.

The kids are screaming. The pot is boiling over on the stovetop. The telephone is ringing. On top of all of this, you have to run errands and pay the bills. Ever happen to you? One mom at least has had two or more of these events going on at the same time. Here are some tips to help us cope with the stress caused by such times.

Stress gets out of control when we respond in an unfavorable way to the situations in our lives. Ignoring stressful situations doesnít help anything. The stressful situations continue to pile up until we run out of the house screaming or the kids do.

The first stress management tip is to start the day with a plan of action. No one can account for all unforeseen situations. But if you have a plan, your day will at least have a fighting chance.

Schedules are a momís best friend. People scoff at lists, but they do help to organize thoughts and keep mom from adding too much to her plate. If you have school age kids, they will need to be seen off in the morning. Getting up an hour earlier than them leaves time to prepare lunches, fix breakfast, sign permission slips, lay out clothes, and whatever else needs to be done. Though you will be busy, you will be uninterrupted.

For moms with infants, getting up an hour earlier allows for preparation for babyís awakening too. Bottles can be fixed and the baby bag prepared if you plan on going out during the day. Babyís that wake for feedings on regular schedule also help mom. Knowing when they will be likely to wake up gives you an idea of when to rise.

The next tip is to spend some time in peace and quiet. Fifteen minutes in the morning will put the day into perspective. You can meditate, pray, or perform yoga. Any of these activities and more will give the mind time not to think.

This time can also be used to count your blessings. Recount to yourself all of the things in your life that you are thankful for. A positive attitude is a good way to start each morning.

Another tip to manage stress is to let it all out. Most moms practice composure in all situations, but sometimes emotion is warranted. Jamming your finger in the door or pinching it in the stroller when you are packing it in the car is painful. Let out a yell. Not only does that yell help to ease the pain, it stops negative feelings from welling up inside of you. A good yell or scream is a way of releasing potential stress before it has a chance to sabotage your day.

Stress management tips are designed to equip moms to deal with the rigors of their day. This includes working moms, stay at home moms, and moms that work from home. Whatever your occupation, stress can creep in when you least expect it. Get ahead of it and nip it in the bud.

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