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St. Patrick's Day Games

Why not celebrate this St. Patrick's Day with some fun games for kids? These St. Patric Daykactivities are great for classroom parties.


St. Patrick's Day evokes images of Ireland, green and pots of gold. Here are a few games and activities to make your St. Patrick's Day celebrations a little more fun.

Shamrock cookies - A favorite treat this time of year is shamrock cookies. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe, or purchase refrigerated cookie dough. If you don't have a shamrock shaped cookie cutter, you could use a heart shaped one. Cut three hearts, putting the points together, and then add a small strip of dough for the stem. There are a few options for making them green: you could add green food coloring to the dough, sprinkle them with green sugar before baking, or use green frosting -with or without sprinkles. They are sure to be a delicious treat.

Find the Pot o' Gold - A fun treasure hunt game can keep kids entertained for quite a while. Make a pot from a small plastic bucket and some gold paper, or you could fill the bucket with gold coin candy.

The children could take turns being the leprechaun and hide the pot o' gold, and the other children can hunt for the treasure. The kids could either simply look for it or make it a game of hot and cold, with the leprechaun giving hints as to where the gold is hidden. Another variation is to hide the individual candy coins around the area and let the children look for them.

Rainbow Mobile - Create a simple rainbow mobile that will make nice decorations for your St. Patrick's Day party. Start with a paper plate, cut in half, and cut out the center to make the rainbow. Color the rainbow colors, using paint, markers or crayons. Cut out a shamrock from green construction paper. You can also make a pot of gold, using black for the pot and a few gold coins from yellow paper. Provide the kids with patterns to trace around. Put a small hole in the top of the rainbow and at the bottom of both ends. Attach the shamrock and pot of gold to both ends. Hang the mobile with the string from the top of the bow. You can make a simpler version for younger children with all shamrocks from the end of the rainbows.

Leprechaun Hat - A cute table favor that the kids can make is a leprechaun hat. Take Styrofoam coffee cups, turn them upside down on a foil lined cookie sheet. Place them in the oven on low for a few minutes and watch them as they change. When it looks like a hat brim has formed, remove them from the oven and let cool. Once they are cooled, they can be painted green. Cut black strips to make a band and gold to make buckles to glue on it. Decorate them with small shamrocks if you want.


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