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       Spring Break Ideas


      If you are looking for spring break ideas, you are in the right spot.  Entertaining your children when school is out for spring break can become quite expensive, especially if you enroll them in pricey camp camps for a large portion of the time.  Here are some great spring break ideas for the entire family.

      Spring is a wonderful time of year.  The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.  The weather is getting warmer, and all of the college kids are headed to the beach for spring break.

      But spring break isn't just for college kids any more.  Most elementary, junior high and high schools take a week off in the spring now as well.  And more and more parents are taking this opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids.

      It's no wonder that spring break is becoming a popular time for family vacations.  The weather isn't too hot yet, and many destinations are not as crowded during the spring as they are in the summer.  And some families just have too much going on in the summer to take a proper vacation together.  Kids may have camp or sports to participate in, and older teens may have summer jobs.  So sometimes a spring vacation just makes more sense.

      You don't necessarily have to go on a vacation to have a great spring break.  You could simply participate in some activities as a family.  You could find things to do locally, or you could find projects to do at home.

      So what should your family do for spring break?  That's something that only you and your family can decide.  But in this report, you will find some great ideas for both travel and at-home activities.


      Since you only have a week to work with, spring break is not the time for trips that require extensive travel.  That means that if you want to go very far, it's probably best to fly.  Otherwise, finding a destination that doesn't take more than a day to get to by land is wise.

      There are lots of destinations that provide opportunities for family fun during spring break.  Here are some places you might consider.

      The Beach

      The beaches that are frequented by college students during spring break may not be good destinations for a family vacation, at least not at this time of the year.  Things tend to get rather wild at those beaches, and safety could be a big concern.  But there are plenty of smaller beaches that are ideal for families.

      There are lots of lesser-known beach destinations that are less crowded and more appropriate for families than larger beaches.  A travel agent can help you find a good one, or you could do some searching online to find one near you.  If you're looking online, you can also usually find some unbiased reviews of each place.  These are great tools to help you decide which would be best for your spring break vacation.

      Remember, just because you don't live near the ocean, that doesn't mean that your family can't go to a beach.  Many lakes have beach areas on their shores that are perfect for family fun.  These types of destinations are also usually less expensive than your average beach vacation, and they may feature nearby parks and nature preserves as well.

      Amusement Parks

      Amusement parks are great fun for families.  Kids of all ages love them, and most have things that parents can enjoy as well.  Spring break is the perfect time to go to them, because they are much less crowded than they are in the summer.

      For younger kids, parks such as Disney World are popular options.  They cater to preschool and early school aged children, with lots of characters and rides geared toward the age group.  There are also things for older kids to do at most parks, so you don't have to worry about them getting bored.  Many parks that are geared toward children also have other parks nearby that you can visit.

      Preteens and teenagers usually prefer parks with lots of wild rides, such as Six Flags or Universal Studios.  Just as the parks aimed at the younger set have some activities for older kids, these parks often have rides that smaller children can ride.  And if Mom and Dad prefer not to ride, they often have live entertainment that they can enjoy.

      Food and drinks at amusement parks can be quite expensive.  If you're looking for ways to save money, you could pack lunch for everyone and eat off premises.  If you don't think to pack lunch, you might still be better off grabbing something to eat from a nearby restaurant.

      The Zoo

      Zoos are lots of fun, and they are also very educational.  Young children in particular enjoy seeing animals that they've only previously read about in books.  But older kids often enjoy a trip to the zoo as well.

      Zoos come in all shapes and sizes.  There are large zoos throughout the country, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find one that's within easy driving distance.  There may also be small zoos that are closer to you, and you could find another nearby activity to do on the day you go as well.  And petting zoos, while usually fairly small, provide lots of hands-on fun for the kids.

      If you are looking for a fun and educational yet relaxing activity, consider going to an aquarium.  Seeing a variety of fish and sea creatures up close is quite an experience for kids of all ages, as well as adults.


      If you're looking for an educational destination for your family trip, a museum is a great option.  There are lots of museums that are designed with kids in mind, providing hands-on activities and exhibits that they can relate to.  These are great for the young and the young at heart.

      Teens might enjoy going to a museum that fits their interests.  Sports museums are popular among teenage boys.  Antique automobile museums, music museums, film museums, and collectible museums are some other ideas that might appeal to preteens and teenagers. 

      Unusual museums are popular among young children and older ones alike.  Ripley's Believe It or Not has several museum locations throughout the United States, as well as in several other countries.  It features all sorts of odd and unbelievable exhibits.  Other unusual museums include ones dedicated to toilet seats, Jell-O, and dirt.  These may sound strange to you, but they tend to pique kids' curiosity. 

      Visiting Family and Friends

      Spring break is a great time to visit family and friends that you don't see very often.  It's important to make plans well in advance however, so that they can clear their schedules for the week.

      Visiting family and friends is a very economical spring break option, especially if you can stay at their house.  It gives you and the kids a change of scenery, making activities that they do regularly at home new and exciting.  A simple family dinner and trip to the movies is somehow more special when it takes place away from home.

      Road Trips

      Who says you have to go to one particular destination during spring break?  Short road trips are great ways to bond as a family while participating in a variety of activities.  They're also ideal if different family members have very different ideas about what they would like to do on spring break.

      Since you only have a week to work with, you probably won't get to go a great distance.  So a good course of action would be to find destinations that are within a few hours' drive, and take one route out to the farthest one and a different route back home.  This will allow your family to make the most of the time you have.

      If you have a primary destination in mind, there are trip planning tools online that can help you find other places to go along the way (as well as good hotels to stay in).  If possible, making a list of places that are feasible and letting all family members have a say in the final decision is a good idea.  That way, you can make sure that everyone gets to go to at least one place that they are excited about.

      Some towns and cities have festivals during spring break that are great for family fun.  Your local paper, or newspapers of nearby localities, is a good place to look for information about them.  Incorporating these into your road trip can provide a nice change of pace.

      For more help, visit Finding More Family Time for tips for a happy family life.

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