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How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry is very common in families. Here are some tips to help parenting deal with sibling rivalry.

  Sibling rivalry is very common among children yet is can cause frustrations in families. Many times when introducing a new baby into a family, the existing child will display feelings of jealousy. Even established families, with two or more children, frequently deal with the problem of sibling rivalry between the children.

As a parent dealing with this rivalry, you should not expect your children to overcome sibling rivalry and jealousy overnight. This is something that usually needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis, especially as your children grow older.

One way to help your children overcome their feelings of jealousy and sibling rivalry is to spend special time with each child individually. By sharing in quality time with each child on a one-on-one basis, you let them know that they are not in competition with each other.

 You can actually set up a *date* with your child and let him/her choose the activity and for that entire day you can devote your attention to your child in a solo setting.

When you encounter a disagreement or argument between your child and you are forced to referee, be sure that you allow each child a turn to speak. Listen to their opinions and give each child a chance to share their view. Many times sibling rivalries can be easily resolved by just offering an ear. Frustrated children may not always know how to express their frustrations without becoming irritated. Teach them to use their words to express their feelings to you and each other.

Above all, never take sides. The last thing you want to do is give one the idea that you are more partial to one child over  the another. This will only lead to even more sibling rivalry and just escalate the situation even more.

Lastly, help your children by offering them a simple solution. Even better, offer them questions to make them think about the conflict and come up with their own solution. Donít just focus on breaking apart a war of the words between your children. Make sure their conflict ends in a resolution with a plan to follow for the future.


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