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Separation Anxiety in Children

Many parents struggle with watching their separation anxiety in children and it really is hard on both the parents and the child.  Here are some tips on how to cope with separation anxiety

  Separation anxiety affects both children and adults in very different ways. While children experience fear they will never see mom again; mom develops an overwhelming feeling of guilt. With pre-school becoming more prevalent today; there is bound to be conflict for both mom and child. Let us, then, explore child separation anxiety, and tips to help mom cope with leaving baby in the later stages of infancy.

Itís important for you, as a mom, to refrain from showing your own insecurities. If you keep a positive attitude, your child will feel calm and reassured. Ask your sister to come to your home to care for your infant frequently; this allows your baby to become familiar with another caretaker and feel safe. As your baby grows into a toddler, use this same practice. You will soon find your child will readily accept visits from your sister; giving you sufficient time to run errands, and complete all of the tasks you have been neglecting.

In addition, you will have piece of mind knowing a responsible family member taking care of your child.

Keep in mind, a child may not always feel comfortable watching you leave the home. It is important to reassure the child you are returning. Donít give a specific time; children tend to focus too much on the clock and worry. Call your child often; letting him or her know where you are. This may be considered over the top coddling; nonetheless, comforting your child also comforts the child within you. The conversation you have with the child is primarily for you. It is a way of acknowledging your feelings; a reassurance that everything is fine.

Think of how you felt when you were a child. What did your mom do or say to you to ease the pain of separation. Although times were different back; there may have been one or two occasions when she didnít have a choice; having another baby, for example. Recognizing the symptoms of your own anxiety can help you to avoid imprinting it onto your child.  

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