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Potty Training Regression

Potty training regression can be a difficult time to deal with. With this article it can be made eaiser for you and your family.


When Is The Right Time To Potty Train?

Your child has done so well with her potty training. Then, all of a sudden she starts wetting her pants, hides to do ďher businessĒ or asks for a diaper or pull-up. What happened?

Donít Get Frustrated

Even though seeing your child go backward in this important developmental step can seem very frustrating, donít let it get to you. Your child will feel your frustration and feel even worse than she already does about going back to diapers.

Instead look at it as a natural development she is going through. Keep encouraging her to use the potty and most importantly, donít make her feel ashamed about wetting her pants. Yelling, calling her names or punishing her for her accidents will only make matters worse. Be the loving and nurturing parent that she needs right now, since there is usually a good reason for her regression.

Determine The Cause Of The Regression

As I mentioned, there is usually a good reason why your child is regressing in her potty training, even though it may not be obvious to you right away, or you may not connect the cause with potty training. Did you move recently, change daycare, or had a new baby? Even very young toddlers can express what is bothering them if you take the time to find out. Spend some extra time with your little one, play in the floor or read some stories together and see if she doesnít give you some hints about what is bothering her and causing her to give up on the potty idea Ė for now.

Be Encouraging

Keep encouraging your child to go to the potty. Keep a positive attitude and donít force the issue, but keep it in your toddlers mind. Ask her every few hours if she would like to go to the potty. Donít make a big deal out of it when she goes in her diaper, or clothes. Change her and ask her to use the potty next time. When she does decide to use the potty again, be sure to give her lots and lots of praise.

Be Patient

With all your support and encouragement your child will soon jump back into a routine of using the potty and this little phase of going back to diapers will be over. Just remember to relax, avoid getting frustrated, or at least donít let your child notice your frustration, find out if there is an underlying cause and above all be encouraging and patient. Remember you are your childís biggest cheerleader when it comes to mastering potty training.

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