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Raising Children

We have provide you with many valuable tips to help you in the challenging and reward task of raising children.


Raising Children To be Happy
1. Be loving and sensitive to your baby’s needs

Studies show that babies who receive careful, thoughtful care (holding, rocking, talking and smiling) grow up to be very strong in difficult situations. They are often eager to learn, get along well with other kids, and have better grades in school than the kids that are less attached to their parents.

2. Talk, read, and sing for your baby

Good communication with your baby will create a great start for effective learning later in life. Talk and sing about every day happenings, read short stories from illustrated books, and allow him to participate in the story telling by asking questions, pointing to illustrations, and even creating a new ending once in a while.

3. Encourage play time

While many of us see learning as an accumulation of facts, kids learn by playing. Play time helps kids to develop their curiosity, their vocabulary, and the ability to solve problems. If kids are not interested in certain games or toys, don’t push them to play with those: sooner or later, they’ll develop an interest on their own, and they’ll be happy to discover the new toy. Just make sure you provide ample opportunity for play time, and don’t hesitate to get on the floor and play along.

4. Use discipline as a learning opportunity.

It’s normal for kids to test the rules and act impulsively sometimes. But as parents on a mission to be successful at raising children it is important to establish rules that help to educate children instead of punishing them. For example, instead of saying “You shouldn’t whine in the store”, you can say: “You are so cute when you smile!” Big difference and a great lesson! It’s so easy to be negative, but if you make an effort it will pay huge dividends later, when your kids grow up.

5. Choose quality daycare for your kids, and be involved.

Studies show that quality daycare services, as well as an early learning program help in the arena of raising children. Once you found the right daycare for your little one, make sure you stay involved: show up unexpectedly, volunteer to help when you can, and ask for reports on your kid’s progress.

These are just a few ways you can help your kids grow to be the best they can be. And remember that at times part of raising children is to be a kid yourself once in a while: makes for a better parent, and a great parent-child relationship.

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