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Preschool Learning

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Preparing your little one for preschool learning can be a lot of fun.  There will be a lot of excitement so being sure that your child is prepared for preschool learning is important.


Preschool Activities
With your child’s first day of preschool approaching, there are ways to make the transition smooth and easy. While your child will be somewhat ambivalent about leaving you, experts advise to follow particular guidelines which will not only help your child feel secure in their new environment, but help you cope with it as well. A few weeks before school, it is advised to go through the child’s closet and let him or her select what outfits to wear. You may even want to take your child to the mall to pick out a few additional outfits as well. Perhaps buy a new lunchbox or backpack. Let the child choose the color and design. In addition, a trip to the office supply store is indicated so your child can pick out crayons, pencils, and other supplies she will use in preschool.

It is also recommended to discuss with your child what to expect in preschool. Some preschools allow you to visit with your child to get them use to their new surroundings. Tell your child about preschool, how long he or she will be there, and establish a route to the preschool so the child will feel comfortable before the first day.

Begin a bedtime routine a few weeks before in which you start with a bath, reading time, and going to bed early. Experts recommend reducing each routine by 20 minutes until your child becomes use to the schedule. Make a list of things to do in the morning, by creating a colorful sign with pictures for your child’s bedroom, so he or she can the routine which may include: washing face, brushing teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and the like.

On the first day of school, walk or drive your child using the route you had previously outlined. Accompany your child to the classroom where you can meet the teacher and introduce your child as well. If there any needs the teacher should be aware of, discuss it with her.

Before you leave, give your child a big hug and kiss. Tell the child how proud you are and that you will return at a specified time. Experts advise not to make the goodbye a long one, but a reassuring one. After you leave, you can have a good cry. Remember you can always call the school to inquire how your child is doing and relay any information you forgot to previously tell the teacher.

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