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New Years Scrapbook

Planning to create a New Years Scrapbook is fun and something that you can start as soon as you are ready. A New Years scrapbook is a great way to start a new hobby or go back and revisit an old one.


Creating a New Years Scrapbook

People all over the world enjoy scrapbooking as a hobby. You may already be into scrapbooking, or maybe not yet. Each day someone new begins their first scrapbook. If you’re interested in trying this popular pastime, scrapbooking starts this new year when you plan ahead to make your first scrapbook project.  A New Years scrapbook is a great way to start a new hobby

Scrapbooks are a better place to store pictures and mementos rather than keeping them in boxes where they could get lost or damaged. Scrapbooks are also an easier way for people to enjoy the photos they contain. What better way is there to showcase your memories than with pictures and journal spaces to bring those memories back to mind?

Having a New Year’s Eve party is a great time to start a chronological New Years scrapbook for the coming year. You’ve made your list of guests, sent out invitations, have the menu planned, and even have party games planned. Why not have several disposable cameras sitting around the party so your guests can take candid shots while the party is going on. A digital camera would also be a good idea to have available.

How do you plan for a great New Year’s scrapbook if you’ve never completed one before? Obviously, for scrapbooking you will need a scrapbook, pictures, and paper to put them on, as well as scissors, photo corners or glue, embellishments, stickers, pens for journaling, and sheet protectors.

As soon as you can after New Year’s Eve, plan on having the film developed or printed if the camera is digital. Gather your materials and plan on spending some time to get each page to look just as you’d like it.

Choose five or six great pictures from the party rather than trying to work on all of your photos at once. You want to enjoy the process, the memories, and the fun of scrapbooking so you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Take your time and play with the photos and the layout to find what works best.

Think of a title for each of your pages. “Happy New Year!” is an obvious choice, but you might want something more creative like “Waiting for the ball to drop” or “Auld Lang Syne”. Look at the photographs and decide what title works best with them.

Don’t be afraid to crop your photos to focus on one person or a group of people. If you use scissors to cut the photos, you may want to put photo frames over them to hide the edges. Add boxes to journal the names of the people in the photos or other information you want to remember about the photo.

Scrapbooking continues to grow in popularity and the number of supplies you can find for it is mind-boggling. Take some time to look through the craft stores to find items that will enhance your photos and give your first scrapbook project of the New Year your sense of creativity.

Why not start a new tradition and start a New Years Scrapbook or help a friend create one.

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