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New Years Party

Planning a New Years party doesn't have to be stressful. Here are many New Years Party idea's that you can use to help cut the stress.

  Set a budget. Before you can plan too much, you need to know how much money you have for everything you’ll need for the party. You’ll need a location, food, beverages, invitations, decorations, party favors, and entertainment.

Five – four – three – two – one – Happy New Year! Before you get to hear those words and welcome in another year, perhaps you have a party to plan and have. Depending whether you’re with your friends and family, you may want to consider having one of these theme parties to ring in the New Year.

Hawaiian island – In most areas of the country it's pretty cold on New Year’s Eve but that doesn’t mean you can’t think about a warmer climate. Throw a Hawaiian theme New Year’s Eve party even while there’s snow on the ground and the temperature may be below freezing.

Think of what Hawaii looks like and you know how to decorate your home for the party – palm trees, leis, beach-related items like conch shells or silver dollars, and Tiki mugs.

Ask your guests to wear Hawaiian shirts or other beach wear. Foods you may have at a luau and tropical drinks will help bring Hawaii to wherever you live.  

New Years Party Poker night – You can’t watch late-night television and surf the channels without finding at least one poker game being televised. Set the stage for your own “high stakes” poker game this New Year’s Eve. Plan on buying several decks of cards, find a green table cloth, and don a visor and vest to act as the dealer.

Hollywood New Years party premiere – Rent one of the newest and most sought-after movies and set up your living room similar to a movie theater. Plan on having movie-style buttered popcorn, soft drinks, and candy as part of the food for the evening. If you have movie posters or stand-up cut-outs of actors or actresses, this might be a perfect time to show them off.

Formal New Years Party Theme – If you’re planning a small, intimate party, why not plan for an event where your guests will be able to put on their finest and celebrate in style? Black and white or semi-formal attire would be a great choice for this type of party. Smaller groups will allow you to splurge a little for food and drinks. You don’t have to have champagne for the big count down; you can choose sparkling cider as a non-alcoholic alternative.

There are many New Years party themes to consider when planning your New Year’s Eve event. If you can’t think of anything and these don’t appeal to you, you may want to go to your favorite search engine and look for party theme ideas online. You will be able to find many more theme parties to ring in the New Year, as well as plans for how to make this party one you’ll remember for years to come.

Here are some things you may want to consider when making your plans for a New Years party:

Set your guest list. Make a list with two columns - a list of people you definitely want to come to the party and a list of those people you’d consider. Cut the list down until you’ve reached the number that will enable you to remain within your budget. Buy and send out your invitations so people can respond to the invitation. Ask them to reply at least two weeks prior to the party. Remember not to make your invitation list too long. You can’t take people off the list but you can add people if some of your guests can’t make it.

Set a menu. Food and beverages are always a big expense for parties. Will you prepare all of the food or will it be catered? Remember to keep your budget in mind when making this decision so you still have money left for the other items you’ll need.

Set a location. You may want to decide where you’ll have the party as soon as you can unless you plan to have it at your home or a friend’s home. If you’re going to rent a space for the party, you’ll want to have this task locked in as soon as you can. A week before the party, call to verify the room is still scheduled for your party.

Set a deadline. If you’ve sent out invitations and there hasn’t been a good response, you’re not obligated to have the party. Keep all of your plans in a folder for next year and you’ll be that much further ahead in the planning. Then send out postcards to people to let them know you’ve cancelled your party. Find someone else’s party to go to and bring in the New Year with friends.

If you’re having a party that children and teens will be at, try to think of a theme that they would enjoy as well. Or you could even plan for two separate New Years Parties in different rooms in the home.

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