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Activity for Preschool Child

Finding an activity for preschool child does not have to be a trying task anymore. We have several activities for you to try with your child today.


Preschool Activities
Preschool activities are for children between the ages
of two and five years of age, pre-kindergarten. Preschoolers should have a variety of different activities to encourage proper mental and physical development. Emphasis needs to be placed in the focus areas of both fine and gross motor development, dramatic play, pre-reading skills, pre-writing skills, critical thinking skills, and social skills, as well as others.

Fine motor skills should be incorporated into preschool activities. Fine motor skills are working with the small muscle groups and are the most forgotten. This will help define your child's writing skills, cutting skills, etc. in the future. Fine motor skills activities can include, sand and water play, cutting activities, placing objects into small containers and areas, hand puppet plays with songs and many others.

Gross motor skills should be incorporated into preschool activities. Gross motor skills are working with the large motor areas and are most often worked on. These activities can be achieved by playing on the
playground, throwing and kicking a ball, jumping, skipping, hopping, and any activity that requires the
use of your large muscle groups.

Dramatic play incorporated into your child's preschool activities will help nurture your child's development.
Dramatic play encourages your child to be creative, think, and reinact situations and scenarios on their
own intelligence level. Children should be given props and toys to help them reinact different events for
their learning skills.

Pre-reading and pre-writing skills should be incorporated into your child's preschool activities. Some examples of these skills include reading to your child, reciting the ABC's, cutting with scissors, tracing lines with a pencil or crayon, and drawing and creating projects without lines. These pre-reading, pre-writing skills will help your preschooler develop the proper background for future life school skills.

Critical thinking skills should be incorporated into your child's curriculum. Critical thinking skills will help your child become a problem solver in the future. This will help in the areas of both math and science as well as other areas. Let your preschooler figure out different options and strategies to get to the same result. Let them think about the consequences and actions of their decisions.

Social skills are one of the most overlooked strategies in the areas of preschool activities. social skills include playing with other children, however, the proper way to interact with children and other people should actually be taught. Appropriate behaviors need to be modeled and taught, how to share, how to take turns, how to say please and thank you, how to interact in a group, how to wait for their turn, how to be a gracious loser and a good winner, as well as many others.

In summation, preschool activities are a very important part of your child's growth and educational process. Proper planning and instruction as well as modeling will prepare your child for their educational
accomplishments to come. Please choose preschool activites appropriately.

About the Author Toddler Blogger, Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States More Details about preschool activity here.

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