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      Holiday Stress - how to avoid it

      Many times the holidays can cause holiday stress for people and we are here to help you avoid holiday stress

        Do you look forward to Christmas, Easter, and other family holidays? Or do you get so stressed that you have trouble enjoying these special occasions? Stress is a common problem for moms during holiday seasons, but thereís no reason that you shouldnít enjoy these times just as much as everyone else. Here are some tips to help you have great holidays without all the hassle.

      Planning ahead is key if you want to avoid holiday stress. Donít wait until the last minute, then rush to get everything done. If you do, you wonít be able to focus on enjoying the special time with your family.

      If youíre doing any decorating, do it a few weeks ahead of time. And donít feel like you have to get all of the decorations up at once. Donít try to compete with the neighbors, just be creative and have fun with it.


       Be sure to let the kids help as much as possible. They will enjoy it, and you will have less work to do yourself.

      Family get-togethers can really stress you out unless you plan carefully. If youíre having the gathering at your house, make sure that youíre going to have enough room for the number of people you plan to invite. Instead of doing all of the cooking yourself, get family members to bring a dish. But be sure to make a list of what everyone is going to be bringing so you donít end up with twenty chicken casseroles and no dessert.

      If the holiday involves gift giving, start early. To avoid money stress for big holidays such as Christmas, you can start a Christmas Club savings account at your bank. You just put in a few dollars a week, then when the holidays arrive you have the money ready and can concentrate on shopping.

      Be on the lookout for family activities that require little or no planning on your part. For Easter, find out if the local park is hosting an Easter egg hunt. Summer holidays are often accompanied by parades and festivals. And the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season is a time of concerts, plays, parades, and much more. These activities are fun for the whole family, and all Mom has to worry about is getting everyone there.

      Holidays are occasions for families to spend time together and make precious memories. Moms are often the ones who do the planning to make them extra special, but that doesnít mean that they canít have just as much fun as everyone else. With a little thought and creativity, you can prevent stress from taking over and have fun and happy family holidays.

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