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Fussy Eaters

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Here are some helpful tips on how parents can calmly deal with their fussy eaters and ensure they get the nutrition that they need.

  As babies grow into toddlers and begin eating table food, they often times turn into fussy eaters. It isnít unusual for mealtime to turn into a strugle with toddlers because they donít want to eat their dinner.

These tips will help you cope with fussy eaters:

1. Make mealtime a family affair. Todayís families are so busy; you can rarely find a day when everyone is home at the same time. Itís often difficult to sit down at the dining table and eat a meal together. Challenge yourself to start eating dinner together at least three days each week. When your toddler sees his siblings, or parents, eating their veggies and meat, they will be more likely to drop their fussy eaters habits and try whatís on their plate, too.

2. Donít offer alternatives. Itís too easy to walk into the trap of cooking two or more meals. Some mothers with two or three children fix something special for each child. Stop the cafť-mentality in your family. Cook one healthy meal for everyone in the family to enjoy. Your toddler will fight with you at first, but eventually will realize that you are not a short-order cook anymore.

3. Introduce one new food at a time. Donít try to overload your childs palate with too many new foods at once. Present your fussy eaters with one new vegetable for one week. He may not even try it for several days, but continue to offer it to him each time you cook it anyway. If you offer him too many new foods at once, he may feel overwhelmed and not attempt to try anything new at all.

4. Fewer or no more snacks. Donít offer your toddler snacks or drinks throughout the day. Give her one snack at the same time each day. Instead of sweetened drinks, let your toddler drink water. By eliminating snacks throughout the day, your toddler will most likely be hungrier at mealtime.

5. Make mealtime fun. If your toddler plays with the food on her plate, donít make a big deal about it. Instead, focus your toddlerís attention on something else. Engage your family in conversation about everyoneís day. Share your toddlerís accomplishment that day, like learning a new color or talking about a special activity. Draw your toddlerís attention away from the plate, and she is likely to eat her food before she even realizes it.

Dealing with a toddler who is a fussy eater isnít fun or easy. Try these five tips on your fussy eater, and then implement your own ideas. Many parents deal with picky eaters, so remember that you are not alone.

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