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Family Solutions: Fun Crafts For Kids

Kids crafts Dolls house
Materials Needed

  • 2 large cardboard boxes

  • Poster paint

  • Masking tape

  • Sharp scissors and craft knife (Remember to supervise children when using sharp objects)

  • Glue

  • Scrap material

  • Wallpaper, wrapping paper any paper that you wish to use

  • Thin cardboard boxes

Let's get Started:

For a full-size dolls house, use a large strong cardboard box for the main structure and build a removable roof out of the top flaps and triangular bits cut from other boxes. Stick together with masking tape then paint it your desired colour and leave to dry.

To make a two storey house divide the house using a piece of card support by brackets made from very thin tubes glued to the side of the box then glue the divider on top of it. If you want you can add as many rooms by doing the same thing just length ways instead.

Cut out some window and doors. To decorate the window make some curtains out of scrap bits of material and hang them on cocktail sticks used as curtain poles (see below). To make the out side of the house look more attractive paint some window boxes with flowers and a bush or two near the door.

Using scrap bits of wallpaper, wrapping paper, tissue paper or paint begin to decorate the walls. If you are having more then one room decorate them individually to make the house real looking.

For the floors you can use either scrap material and just glue them down or you can paint them. If you have any scrap bits of carpet lying about the house this will be even better.

If you want to make stairs it ain`t as hard as it sounds. Using some card fold it like you would to make a fan (one way then the next and so on). When this is done glue one end to the ground floor and the other to the first floor. You will of course need to cut a hole in the first floor and hey presto a set of stairs for the dolls.

Now that you have built the house it is time to furnish and add some little finishing touches.

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