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Discount Disney World Vacations



Disneyworld is undoubtedly one of the vacation spots you should never miss going to at least once in your lifetime. It is a place that is greatly enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Theme parks with legendary characters and rides arenít the only attractions in Disneyworld. The entire family can also enjoy the scenery, restaurants and the wonderful lodging and amenities. Choosing the Appropriate Lodging to Suit Your Budget

Disneyworld and nearby areas have a wide variety of lodgings to offer depending on your budget and on the type of service or comfort you need. The types of lodging you can find in Disneyworld are the following: Resort/Value Lodging; Resort/Moderate Lodging; and Resort/Luxury Lodging.

Value lodging prices start from $77 and $87. These are usually the ďAll StarĒ resorts, which feature music, movies, and sports. You are guaranteed hospitality, cleanliness and quality service. You are entitled to great guest services too such as in room pizza delivery, babysitting and child service, amenities for disabled guests, pak-n-play cribs, convenient self parking and laundry facilities among others.

Moderate lodging prices, on the other hand, start from $133 and $148. This type of lodging allows you to enjoy luxury living at a more affordable price. These resorts come with a tropical theme with features including guest services and limited room service aside from the standard features.

Of course, if you have saved up enough for this vacation then you may as well go for luxury lodging that offers unique themes and exquisite landscaping. Prices start at $199. One such lodge is the Animal Kingdom Lodge which features an African theme, and aside from being in the midst of natural wildlife, this type of lodging includes a health club or spa, valet parking and others. You can also have deluxe rooms, which can accommodate up to five to eight guests and whose prices range from $350 to less than $2000.

If these prices donít really cut it for you, then you may opt for alternatives such as camping out or staying in cabins as some parks do provide for this. Donít worry, you are in Disneyworld! Itís not THAT important where you sleep, itís the DAY activities that you are really here for right?

Other Cost Saving Tips

No matter how much you want to keep going back to Disneyworld, the truth is that it really takes a lot of money. However, if you know how to play your cards right and are willing to make some sacrifices then going to Disneyworld doesnít have to be a once-in-a lifetime thing. All it takes is good planning.

Scour the great WWW for discounts! Seriously, a little online sleuthing will reveal a lot of discount airfare tickets, promotional hotel rates and special discounts on Disneyworld tickets. It is not impossible to save up to 50% of what you may spend if you just wake up one morning and decide to buy tickets right there and then at short notice! And donít settle for the first discount you find. Check out a couple of sites, compare them, and then decide which one truly offers the best.

Going to Disneyworld with the whole family is also an exercise in good food planning. For starters, bring packed lunch or dinner for the drive. You should also purchase groceries for breakfasts and bottled water to last during your entire stay at Disneyworld as they would definitely be more expensive at the parks. Bring food that is not easily perishable, such as donuts, bread, pastries, fruits, cereals, granola bars and others.

Disney World Savings Guide - See How Easily You Can Have A Disney World Vacation For A Fraction Of What Others Pay

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