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Choosing Internet Safety Software For YOUR Family
by Joshua Finer
  Parents are quickly becoming aware that Internet Safety is an important issue to deal with. However, many don't know what the first step is, or what type of software products are even available. Sometimes the range of choices can be overwhelming. However, it is our #1 priority at to help you choose a great product to keep your children safe online!

There are two main types of Internet Safety software:


This is software that lets parents see everything their kids are doing online.

It can be installed either totally invisible or in a mode that warns children that they are being watched. Monitoring software can record every single email, instant message, chat session, website, and even children's passwords. 


This is software that blocks kids from inappropriate websites such as pornography, hate, violence, or generally any other topic a parent does not want their child to see. It is usually quite customizable (parent can add words/phrases that interest them) and also has some supplimental features: the ability to limit the amount of time kids spend online, privacy filters that can prevent a child from revealing their name, address, phone, or any other personal detail, etc.

Once you decide if you are more interested in MONITORING or FILTERING, the next step is which specific product is best for your needs. 


Our #1 recommendation for monitoring software is Spector PRO. It recently won PC Magazine Editor's Choice for "Activity Monitoring" and is by far the easiest, most reliable, and best supported package we sell. It is also our #1 seller. It captures ALL instant messages, ALL email (including Hotmail and Yahoo mail) all websites, keystrokes, and more. However, to view what has been recorded with Spector PRO, a parent must sit down at the computer to access it. 

For parents who may work late or travel a lot, a REMOTE MONITORING solution may be best. eBlaster is similar in features to Spector PRO, but will EMAIL you the recorded information remotely. That way, if your child comes home from school and you are still working, you can set it to email you exactly what they are doing while you are at work. eBlaster is also a very reliable product and includes live phone support, just like Spector PRO.

Last is our best value monitoring package: IamBigBrother. It includes most of the same features as Spector PRO, but only has email based tech support available. This product is best for people who are somewhat computer familiar, and are comfortable downloading and installing software with limited tech support.


Our #1 recommendation for filtering is Cyber Sentinel. It is based on words and phrases that are totally customizable, but also the context in which these are used. The software is very easy to use and flexible, and includes live phone support. Features include: web/email/chat blocking, time limitations, privacy filters and more. One limitation is that you can only set up a "master" profile - not separate preferences for different children.

For parents with children of different ages, Net Nanny may be a good choice. It is similar in features to Cyber Sentinel, but you can set up specific preferences for each child who uses the Internet in your home. That way, you can be more flexible with a 16 year old, but more restrictive with a 11 year old. New to Net Nanny version 5 is pop-up blocking, a feature many parents will surely appreciate. 

Overall, choosing a safety product can seem like a tough task, but with the right experts and advice, it does not have to be. Please feel free to email us with questions specific to YOUR family! You can find more information and pricing on any of the above.
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About the Author

Resource: Joshua Finer, Internet Safety expert and CEO of For free information on The Top 5 Internet Safety tips, email or visit 


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