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Carpet Cleaning Tip


  Here are some carpet cleaning tips that are quick and easy to use

Having just purchased a new carpet for the living room, there is always that feeling of what if…! A living room is meant to be lived in; just because a new carpet has been installed doesn’t mean the room should to be roped off and only used on certain occasions. There will be the occasional spills. In order to avoid any accumulation of dust or other foreign matters, here are come carpet cleaning tips for cleaning your carpet.

* Vacuum often
* If you spill anything on the carpet; take a paper towel and pat down on the spill until it is absorbed onto the paper towel.
* Whenever possible, use door mats to have your family wipe their shoes so nothing is tracked onto the carpet.
* Be careful when using certain cleaning supplies*

* If you choose to have your carpet shampooed; be sure to ask if the scotch guard will be removed in the process.
* Do not allow any family member to eat in the living room.

While these are just a few carpet cleaning tips, you may certainly have your own tried and tested methods to keep your carpet clean. Preventative measures are the best way to avoid soiling your new carpet.

*Cleaning supplies note: There are so many products which claim to remove stains from carpets. There is one thing you need to be aware of. Most of these carpet cleaners not only remove the scotch guard, but lighten the soiled area as well. Not only are these cleaners toxic; they include dangerous chemicals as well.

Buying a new carpet is an expensive undertaking. To ensure it is kept as pristine as possible, you can use these tips for cleaning your carpets. However, as mentioned earlier your home is meant to be lived in; so accidental spills will happen. Don’t stress over it. Just attend to the spillage as soon as possible and set some ground rules for the entire family.

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