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Creating A Simple Birth Plan

Creating a birth plan gives you an opportunity to think about and discuss with your partner and your healthcare practitioner how -- ideally -- you'd like your baby's birth to be handled.


A birth plan is a simple, clear, one-page statement of your preferences for the birth of your baby. Having a copy for every person involved in the birth will help each person understand each other and work out communication issues before the big day.

In researching this topic, there are numerous sites online explaining why creating a birth plan is so important. A few things to think about is why you should have a birth plan and how it can help you. If youíre wondering how to write a birth plan, letís take a look at one such plan so that you can fully appreciate the steps taken in this written document.

The document begins with your name, caregiver, name of hospital or birth center, due date, coach (father or other); and name of baby. The document then proceeds with the following subtitles with questions relating to each, which you can check off accordingly. Labor; Labor Induction; Anesthesia/Pain Medication; Cesarean Section Delivery; Perineal Care; Delivery; After Birth; Newborn Care; Postpartum; Breastfeeding; Additional Notes which encompass picture taking; video-recording, and circumcision.

While there is a presumption that many hospitals may not deem this document necessary (keep in mind it has no legal standing), there are other hospitals you may find who are open to follow your wishes as much as they are able. This opens up another train of thought which is: researching and finding the right obstetrician and hospital that will conform to your requests.

You may agree that some hospitals do not have the greatest reputations or, for that matter, the best facilities. Creating this birth plan allows you to fully digest all of the possibilities you need to consider when choosing the proper hospital to deliver your child.
While we sometimes put doctors on pedestals, no one can know more about how you feel than you. Therefore, creating a birth plan can alleviate a great deal of unneeded stress as you prepare to become a mom. Why you should have a birth plan allows you to set down all of the details and choices beforehand.


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