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Baby Nursery Decor

If you are looking for ideas for a baby nursery decor it is important to create a soothing and practical environment for you and your baby. 


Choosing the right baby nursery decor can be hard for some parents and we are here to help.  Decorating your babyís nursery is certainly exciting and a lot of fun. When choosing your baby nursery decor, try hard to create a soothing environment and a space that is practical and safe.

Make sure there are no electrical switches, blind cords or other hazards where baby can reach them.

Try to choose baby nursery decor that your child wonít outgrow. Choose a theme thatís classic and both you and baby can live with for some time. It can be expensive and time consuming if the nursery dates too quickly.

Also you donít have to stick to the traditional baby nursery decor colors such as pink for girls and blue for boys. With the huge range of paint colors available now you can experiment a little.  Try other colors, pastels and colors that are cheerful.

For an extra special touch try painting a mural on one of the walls. If art isnít really your forte you can usually find a good local artists willing to take the job on for a reasonable price. You can also stencil a border around the room or stencil in your favorite poem or verse.

When choosing the baby nursery decor furniture, make sure itís functional. Youíll need a crib, changing table, and storage for clothes. You may also want a moses basket or basinet. Itís always smart to think ahead and invest in convertible furniture like a crib which turns into a toddler bed or a change table/dresser which can later be used as a dresser only. This will cost a little bit more but will actually save you from having to invest in furniture again in a few years.

If space allows, try to incorporate a comfortable chair into your baby nursery decor. A good chair will be an investment but it will last for years. Itís important to have a quiet place where you can easily feed and spend some quality time bonding with babyÖ it will also save you from future back problems!

Invest in comfortable bedding. Bedding should be made of quality materials and follow all the baby safety guidelines. A good bedding set will cost a little bit more, but for the decorative pieces like the bumper youíll only need one good set. Then simply stock up on good quality fitted sheets which are less expensive and you can change on a regular basis.

If youíre going for wooden or bare floors place an area rug in the center. When babies starts to crawl and explore a soft surface will be a lot safer and nicer for them.

Try to avoid bright colors in the nursery as they can over stimulate and cause anxiety in babies and young children. Instead go for a range of neutral and soothing colors.

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