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      4th Of July Craft Ideas for Kids

      4th of July Crafts are fun and easy to make. Here are some easy craft ideas for kids.

        Independence Day is a fun summer holiday, full of festivals, fireworks, and other activities. It is also a tribute to the beginnings of our country. Fourth of July crafts are an entertaining way for kids to commemorate the anniversary of our independence. Here are some ideas.

      Windsocks are a fun and attractive outdoor decoration. They are also easy to make. All you need is an oatmeal box, some white and blue construction paper, red and white streamers, scissors, and glue. Cut the end out of the oatmeal box and cover it with blue construction paper, and cut out stars from the white construction paper to glue on. Then cut some red and white streamers to the same length, and glue them to one end. Tie some string to the other end for hanging.  
      Girls can make themselves some patriotic hair accessories for the occasion. Just buy some plain barrettes, red, white, or blue yarn, and patriotic beads or buttons from the craft store. Wrap yarn tightly around the barrette, and glue each end to the back. Then attach some beads or buttons, or make a bow out of some more yarn for a simple but pretty hair bow.

      Fireworks are a favorite on the Fourth of July. You can make a unique fireworks picture with some crayons and white paper. First, use lots of different colors to make a pattern all over the paper. Color darkly. Then get a black crayon, and color over the whole piece of paper darkly. Use a paper clip to scratch off a fireworks design, and you will have a colorful picture of fireworks in the night sky.

      Fourth of July parades are great, but think of the fun the kids could have by having their own parade! They can decorate their bikes with red, white, and blue crepe paper and tape. Then they will need some patriotic costumes. If they have some holiday-appropriate clothes thatís great, but if not they can easily paint some stars and stripes on an old t-shirt with fabric paint. Make your own flags and signs with paper and markers. Gather up some toy or makeshift musical instruments, stick horses, and a few flags, and you can have an awesome parade right in your own backyard.

      The Fourth of July is a great time for summer crafts. These are only a few of the many items that kids could make for the occasion. Once you get them started, they will likely think of many more creative ideas on their own. Make sure you have the basics such as construction paper, scissors, glue, art supplies, and some craft sticks on hand, and youíll be surprised what they will come up with.

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