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Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

A wedding scrapbook makes a wonderful gift or keepsake, preserving special wedding memories that will last a lifetime.

  Wedding photos are treasured mementos of every couple's wedding day. They deserve to be preserved, and to be displayed in a special way. Instead of tucking them away in a box or photo album, why not use them to create a beautiful wedding day scrapbook?

Making a wedding scrapbook is fun, and it allows you to organize your photos in an attractive and original way. Here are some tips that you could apply to your wedding scrapbook.

Use only the best photos in your scrapbook, especially if you have a lot of them. There's no need to include every single shot. It's likely that you have many similar pictures, and including them all will only detract from your scrapbook. Going through the photos as a couple will ensure that both husband and wife's favorites are included

* Include lots of candid photos. Portraits are more polished looking, but candid shots do more to tell the story of your wedding day. Using some of each will give your album a good balance.

* Add in plenty of journaling. The couple can write their thoughts about the wedding day, certain photos, or their love for one another. You could also ask family members or guests to do some of the journaling if you would like to include some outside perspectives.

* Consider including notes from cards you've received in connection with your wedding. These often contain sentiments that are too precious to end up packed in a box somewhere. Cutting them out and incorporating them into your pages makes a wonderful addition to your wedding scrapbook.

* Press some flowers from your bouquet, the groom's boutonniere, and other floral arrangements from the ceremony and reception. They make lovely adornments for your scrapbook pages. Putting them between pieces of transparency plastic or laminating them will ensure that they retain their beauty through the years. You could also affix some to the scrapbook's cover with Modge Podge if you like.

* Incorporate your wedding vows into your scrapbook. This is especially nice if you wrote your own vows. You could use them as you would journaling, or you could include a line or two on each page throughout the book. This could also be done with the lyrics from one of your special wedding songs.

* Add some special keepsakes from your wedding day. These could include things such as personalized napkins, place cards, notes, and more. And don't forget to include one of your wedding invitations!

* Choose embellishments carefully. There are lots of pretty things you can use to accent the pictures in your scrapbook, but be careful not to get too carried away. The photos themselves are the stars of the show, not the embellishments.
Enjoy your big day!

If anything goes wrong, donít stress. You may be the only one who notices!

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