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Five Perfect Wedding Gifts Ideas

  Choosing a wedding gift idea for a couple may, at first, seem like a pretty simple endeavor. Most of us think we can just run right out on our lunch hour and grab something, have it wrapped, and, voila! ó problem solved. But if youíve ever actually tried to do this, youíve surely discovered that itís never, ever that easy! There are several criteria to be met before purchasing a wedding gift, so letís go over some of them ó before you waste another lunch hour!

Weddings are a time of joy and celebration, and bring gifts for the happy couple. But finding the perfect wedding gift can be agonizing. There are so many possible choices, yet you probably want to get the couple something really special.

Checking the couple's wedding registry can provide some guidance. But what if nothing there strikes your fancy, or they haven't registered? Here are five gifts that any couple is sure to appreciate:  

1. Stuff for the Kitchen. Every couple needs cookware and kitchen gadgets. Whether you choose to buy them a durable set of pots and pans or a bread maker, kitchen products are practical and thoughtful.

If you're thinking about buying common items like cookware or dishes, it might be a good idea to check around and make sure nobody else has already bought that for them. More unique items such as pasta makers or dehydrators are less likely to be duplicated.

2. Gift Certificates. Most major stores, and many smaller ones, offer gift certificates or gift cards. These allow couples to select the gifts they need and want most. Putting some thought into where you get gift certificates from will ensure that the couple can put them to good use. If they're buying a fixer-upper house, for example, gift certificates to a hardware store might be in order.

Gift certificates to nice restaurants and date destinations are also great for couples. A night on the town is always great for the recently married, especially if they are trying to save money for a big purchase or paying off student loans and won't be spending much on entertainment. If you're familiar with their honeymoon destination, you could also give them gift certificates to be used there.

3. Handmade Gifts. A handmade quilt, a custom scrapbook with pictures of the bride and groom, or a piece of pottery that you crafted make very sentimental wedding gifts. These types of things will be treasured for years to come, and the couple will always think of you when they look at them.

4. Personalized Items. Paintings, tapestries, picture frames, and other items with the couple's names on them make great gifts. Plaques commemorating the wedding date are also nice. Personalization is not as expensive as it once was, so chances are you can find something within your budget.

5. Money. One thing that almost every couple can do with is money. Weddings are expensive, and they may also be buying a home. While etiquette dictates that couples do not ask for money as a wedding gift, they often appreciate receiving it.

If the couple is struggling to pay for the wedding, you could offer to pay for the reception, florist, or something else associated with the ceremony. This is most appreciated when coming from a close friend or family member.

There are many wedding gift ideas that you can choose from for this special occasion.

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